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01 santa fe p1529 p0765 p0760 p0750 p0755

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Subject: ATA SOLENOID DIAGNOSTIC CODES P0740, P0741, P0742, P0743, P0746, P0748, P0750, P0755, P0760, P0765, P0770 This TSB supersedes TSB # 05-40-006 to include DTC descriptions in Step 10. DESCRIPTION: Incorrect operation of the transaxle solenoids may result in the following three symptoms: REPAIR PROCEDURE: 1. Check Engine Light illuminated 2. Transaxle held in 3rd gear “Fail-safe” 3. Diagnostic Trouble Codes P0740, P0741, P0742, P0743, P0746, P0748, P0750, P0755, P0760, P0765 or P0770 set. NOTE: Do NOT replace the transaxle for solenoid codes listed as open/short. Instead, follow the repair procedure shown below. 1. Using a Hi-Scan Pro, check for DTC in both the “Engine” and “Automatic Transaxle” menus. Record the DTC and description. 2. From the Hi-Scan Pro, select: ^”Hyundai Diagnosis” menu ^”Vehicle ^”Auto Transaxle” menu ^”Actuation Test” ^Press the F1 button (STRI) and test the LR, UD, 2ND, OD, DCC and FSV solenoid (if applicable). Monitor the Hi-Scan and listen for a solenoid sound from the engine compartment. ^If Hi-Scan shows: ^”TEST FAILURE” and no solenoid sound is heard, go to Step 3. ^”COMPLETED” and solenoid sound is heard, the wiring between the PCM/TCM has no open or short circuits. Go to Step 5. 3. Visually check the wiring harness between the TCM and transaxle for a damaged wire or a short circuit to ground. Disconnect the connectors to the solenoids at the transaxle and the PCM/TCM and check for a bent pin or a pin not fully inserted into the connector. If so, repair or replace the ECM control harness, P/N 914XX-XXXXX 4. Check the harness inside the transaxle oil pan for a short circuit to ground. Replace the harness if damage is found or if three or more solenoid DTCs are found in Step 1. (Refer to TSB # 04-40-015 for instructions). Zoom Sized for Print 5. Refer to the DTC recorded in Step 1 and follow the repair procedure shown. SOLENOID REPLACEMENT: 6. Remove the battery. 7. Drain the radiator. Remove the lower radiator hose from the radiator. 8. Drain the ATF. 9. Remove the valve body cover from the transaxle

2001-2003 RAV4 HARSH SHIFT AND/ ORM.I.L. “ON”DTC P0750, P0755, P0758, AND/ ORP1760 REPAIR MANUAL

HARSH SHIFT AND/ORM.I.L. “ON”DTCP 0750, P0755, P0758, AND/ORP1760 –TC 002-06 Revised March3,2006 Page 2of3 PREVIOUS PART NUMBER CURRENT PART NUMBER PART NAME QTY 89661–42650 1 89661–42651 89661–42653 1 89661–42652 1 89661–42660 1 89661–42661 89661–42663 Engine Control Module (ECM) 1 89661–42662 Engine Control Module (ECM) 1 89661–42810 89661–42811 1 89661–42820 89661–42821 1 89661–42880 Same 1 89661–42890 Same 1 ITEM NO. SPECIAL SERVICE TOOLS (SSTs) PART NUMBER QTYDRW** 1 Toyota Diagnostic Tester Kit* NOTE: SAll components from this kit/set are required S12 MegabyteDiagnostic Tester Program Card (P/N 01002593–005) with version 13.3aSoftware (or later) is required TOY220036 1 9 *Essential SSTs. **Referstodrawer number in SST Storage System. NOTE: Additional Diagnostic Tester Kits, Program Cards, or other SST smaybeorderedby callingSPX/OTC at 1-800-933-8335. 1. If the vehicle is currently exhibiting a harsh shift condition and/or M.I.L. “ON”with DTCP0750, P0753, P0755, P0758, and/or P1760 stored, refer to the Technical Information System (TIS), 2001–2003 model year RAV4 Repair Manual: S4WD: Diagnostics/Automatic Transaxle (U140f): Problem Symptoms Table S2WD: Diagnostics/Automatic Transaxle (U142E): Problem Symptoms Table NOTE: In some instances the vehicle must be operated at least 30 minutes before the condition can be duplicated. 2. If the vehicle exhibits the above condition, replace the ECM (PCM). Parts Information Required SSTs