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05 nissan frontier how to remove rear axle

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FORD: LINCOLN: 2002-2006 Explorer 2003-2005 Aviator 2003-2006 Expedition 2003-2006 Navigator MERCURY: 2002-2006 Mountaineer This article supersedes TSB 05-15-5 to update the 3. Do not use a damaged seal installation tool vehicle model years, Parts, and Service Procedure. exhibiting nicks, burrs, or sharp edges. NOTE ISSUE THE USE OF SEAL PROTECTOR 1L2W-4N206-AA Some 2003-2006 Expedition/Navigator, 2002-2006 IS NO LONGER REQUIRED. Explorer 4dr/Mountaineer, and 2003-2005 Aviator vehicles equipped with the 8.8? or 9.75? ring gear 4. Do not tap directly on the back of the seal and independent rear suspension (IRS), may exhibit installation tool, always tap on the handle, per leaks at the rear halfshaft axle seals. A new Instruction Sheet. Seal should be driven evenly unitized seal is now available for service. The new into housing bore with only enough force to seal design eliminates the need to use seal seat in the bore. protectors during installation. Removal of the excluder seal (1L2W-1N013-BA) if present is 5. Before installing the halfshaft, verify that the required. inboard excluder seal (1L2W-1N013-BA) is not present on the halfshaft. If the excluder seal is ACTION present, follow the kit Instruction Sheet and Order and install the new seal kit to correct the leak remove the excluder seal. condition. Review the updated instruction sheet NOTE included in the kit and obtain the required tools before beginning repair. OVERFILLING THE AXLE CAN INCREASE POTENTIAL FOR LEAKS. INSTALLATION SERVICE TIPS PART NUMBER PART NAME Refer to the appropriate Workshop Manual, Section 7L1Z-4A109-B Axle Shaft Seal Kit (9.75 Axle) 205-02 for half shaft removal and installation. 7L1Z-4A109-C Axle Shaft Seal Kit (8.8 Axle) NOTE IN THE WORKSHOP MANUAL UNDER THE HALF WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under Provisions Of SHAFT REMOVAL/INSTALLATION SECTION New Vehicle Limited THERE ARE ADDITIONAL PARTS CALLED OUT Warranty Coverage THAT ARE REQUIRED TO BE REPLACED. OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME THESE PARTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE 062205A 2003-2006 0.8 Hr. AXLE SHAFT SEAL KIT LISTED. Expedition/Navigator: Replace Rear Axle (Stub) 1. Use only the proper seal installation tool, Lisle Shaft Seal Includes Time Special Seal Installer (LIS 17850) available To Remove And Install through the Rotunda Technician Tool Program. Halfshaft One Side (Do Not Use With 4139A, 2. Ensure the seal installation tool is clean and 4139A2) free of debris prior to inserting into new seal.

2005-2006 Nissan Frontier, 4.0L, extra cab/ crew cab aft-cat Installation manual

Installation instructions: 1. Raise vehicle. 2. Lubricate all factory hangers with penetrating oil or equivalent. 3. Remove nuts attaching factory Y-pipe to flanges on outlets of catalytic converters; remove electrical ground wire from stud on driver side converter. 4. Remove factory vibration isolator and ground wire attached to stock tailpipe above rear axle housing. Do not discard this balancer it will be reinstalled later. 5. Remove bolts attaching factory rubber mount in front of muffler to cross-member. 6. Move exhaust system towards the rear of vehicle until it clears studs at converter flanges and hanger rod at rear of muffler comes out of its rubber hanger. Pull exhaust system forward again until rear-most tailpipe hanger comes out of its rubber hanger. Remove system from vehicle. 7. Place supplied 2″ clamp over Y-pipe slip connector and insert driver side inlet pipe into slip connector. 8. Reuse stock gaskets and install new Y-pipe assembly against mating flanges of converter outlets. Reinstall the previously removed ground wire and nuts at flanges. Tighten nuts and clamp. 9. Remove rear-most factory rubber hanger attached to passenger side frame by removing three bolts with a 12mm socket or wrench 10. Remove stock hanger from front of muffler on stock system and install over hanger rod on new Y-pipe. Attach hanger to cross-member with bolts previously removed. 11. Position one supplied 2.5″ clamp over muffler inlet and install muffler over outlet of Y-pipe. Do not tighten clamp fully at this time. 12. Position one supplied 2.5″ clamp over tailpipe section “A”. Insert hanger rod into factory rubber hanger above rear of muffler and install pipe over outlet of muffler at the same time. Do not tighten clamp fully at this time. 13. Position one supplied 2.5″ clamp over tailpipe section “B” and install pipe into rear-most rubber hanger on frame and over outlet of tailpipe section “A”. Do not fully tighten clamp at this time. 14. Install previously removed factory rubber hanger on tailpipe “B” hanger rod and reattach to passenger side frame rail with three stock bolts. 14. Position remaining supplied 2.5″ clamp over tip and install over outlet of tailpipe assembly. 15. Attach previously removed vibration isolator and ground strap to two-hole bracket welded to tailpipe section “B” with provided 5/16″ hardware; Use the photo below for reference as to proper orientation. 16. Align system and tighten all fasteners and clamps. 17. Lower vehicle


IF YOU CONFIRM The ABS light is ON with one or more of the following DTC stored, • C1105 – RR RH Sensor 2 • C1110 – Controller Failure • C1124 – RR LH IN ABS SOL • C1126 – RR RH IN ABS SOL and/or The ABS system activates with normal braking. ACTIONS 1. Remove only the right rear brake rotor, wheel hub assembly, baffle plate and ABS wheel sensor. 2. Clean the corrosion off of the knuckle, wheel hub assembly, and baffle plate. 3. Grind a notch in the knuckle locating hole (locating hole for plastic hub cap). 4. Reassemble using the new plastic hub cap and a new ABS wheel sensor. 5. If code C1126 and/or C1124 is stored; replace the ABS actuator. 6. Test drive vehicle; recheck for code C1110 (refer to step 10 in the Service Procedure). IMPORTANT: The purpose of “ACTIONS” (above) is to give you a quick idea of the work you will be performing. You MUST closely follow the entire Service Procedure (starting on page 2) as it contains information that is essential to successfully completing the repair PARTS INFORMATION DESCRIPTION PART # QUANTITY Sensor Assy – Anti Skid Rear 47900-7Y000 1 Cap-Hub – RH 43234-ZK30A 1 ABS Actuator Use the VIN and the electronic parts catalog (FAST or equivalent) to find the correct P/N 1 (if needed) CLAIMS INFORMATION Submit a Primary Part (PP) type line claim using the following claims coding: DESCRIPTION PFP OP CODESYM DIA FRT RPL Rear ABS Sensor and Plastic Hub Cap (1) PX32AA ZE 32 1.1 (1) Reference the FAST Parts Catalog and use the “Housing Assy – Rear Axle, RH” P/N as the PFP. And, IF Necessary, use Combination Op Code: DESCRIPTION OP CODE FRT RPL ABS Actuator PX321A 1.5 SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Remove only the right rear (passenger side) brake rotor, wheel hub assembly, and baffle plate (see Figure 1). • Refer to Section RAX in the Service Manual for removal information

2002 Ford Truck Ranger Brakes – Rear Brakes Grabbing Condition Repair Manual

SERVICE PROCEDURE To service, reduce/minimize moisture intrusion into the rear drum brake assemblies by applying Motorcraft® Silicone Gasket and Sealant to the brake backing plate . WARNING Do not breathe dust or use compressed air to blow dust from storage containers or friction components. Remove dust using government-approved techniques. Friction component dust may be a cancer and lung disease hazard. Exposure to potentially hazardous components may occur if dusts are created during repair of friction components, such as brake pads and clutch discs. Exposure may also cause irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory tract, and may cause allergic reactions and/or may lead to other chronic health effects. If irritation persists, seek medical attention or advice. Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious personal injury. 1. Place vehicle on hoist and remove the rear wheels. 2. Remove the rear brake drums and replace the rear linings. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 206-02. 3. Inspect the rear brake assemblies for damaged, missing and/or improperly seated adjuster plug or parking brake cable . 4. Inspect and clean the lining contact area of the brake drum ; machine if necessary. 5. Reinstall the rear brake drums and adjust the lining to drum clearance per WSM, Section 206-02. 6. Thoroughly clean the backside of the rear drum brake backing plate to promote proper adhesion of sealant. Zoom Sized for Print 7. Apply Motorcraft(R) Silicone Gasket and Sealant to the backside of the rear drum brake backing plate at the following inter[ace areas (Figure 1): ^Axle Flange ^ Wheel Cylinder ^ Parking Brake Cable ^Hold Down Pins 8. Reinstall the rear wheels and torque lug nuts per Workshop Manual, Section 204-04.

Sidekick / Tracker Solid Axle Suspension 2 Door Installation Instructions

1. Lift vehicle and support by frame & remove wheels. 2. Remove rear portion of exhaust behind cat . 3. Drain transfer case, front and rear diffs. Remove front and rear driveshafts. Remove e-brake handle cover (console) & back-off tensioner. 4. Remove rear brake drums. Disconnect e-brake cables from arm & backing plates & remove rubber cable looms from control arm & frame. 5. Support rear housing. Disconnect lower control arms, upper A-arm, breather, brake hose and shocks from the chassis. 6. Support front A-arm. Remove three nuts from the top of the strut. 2 7. Disconnect sway bar from A-arms. Separate tie rod ends at the spindles. On drivers side, disconnect brake hose at the inner fender & remove clip at the frame. Remove 3 bolts from axle flange and the lower A-arm bolts. 8. On passenger side, disconnect brake hose at the frame. Remove A-arm bolts. The axle pulls straight out of the differential. 9. Remove sway bar from frame. Separate center link from pitman arm and unbolt idler arm from frame. 10. Remove front differential with its vent and rubber isolators. ** Use of the stock front and rear bumpers will cause serious tire clearance issues. We recommend Trail Tough bumpers and nerf bars. 11. Remove outer and inner rear bumpers. 12. Remove outer and inner front bumpers. Some trimming may be done to the ends of the grill. Removal of the grill may make this easier. 3 13. The second frame cross member from the front must be removed. In preparation, unclamp the fuel and brake lines from inside the right frame rail and tie them out of harms way (Towards the motor). 14. Using a sawzall, torch, plasma or cut-off disc, remove the second frame cross member (The one under the engine oil pan) completely. Be careful not to damage the frame rails. See next 2 photos below. 14. Continued 14. Continued 15. Removal of the front A-arm brackets (on the foreward most cross member) is optional. If you choose to remove them, be sure not to damage the cross member (shown NOT removed).