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1989 s10 steering column schematic

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1989 Chevrolet Corvette V8-350 5.7L Steering Column Service and Repair Manual

SHAFT LOCK, TURN SIGNAL CANCELLING CAM, UPPER BEARING SPRING, UPPER BEARING SEAT & INNER RACE Disassembly 1. Remove steering wheel as follows: a. Disconnect battery ground cable, then remove horn cap from steering wheel by pulling. b. Disconnect horn button wire, then remove telescope lever screws and shaft lock knob screw. c. Remove telescope adjustment lever, steering wheel nut retainer and nut. d. Remove steering wheel with a puller. 2. Remove spacer, bumper, spacer and snap ring retainer (Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5 in Fig. 59 ). 3. Remove shaft lock retainer using lock plate compressor to depress shaft lock. 4. Remove shaft lock and carrier assembly, upper bearing spring, upper bearing seat and inner race. 5. Reverse procedure to install. TURN SIGNAL SWITCH Disassembly 1. Remove SHAFT LOCK, TURN SIGNAL CANCELLING CAM, UPPER BEARING SPRING, UPPER BEARING SEAT & INNER RACE as previously outlined. 2. Place turn signal lever to the right turn position, then remove screw and switch actuator pivot assembly (Nos. 11 and 44 in Fig. 59 ). 3. Remove the screws and the wiring protector (Nos. 10 and 45). 4. Remove turn signal switch, then gently pull wire harness through column housing shroud, column housing and lock housing cover. 5. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following: a. Torque turn signal switch screws (No. 10 in Fig. 59 ) to 27 inch lbs. and torque screw (No. 11) to 18 inch lbs. BUZZER SWITCH ASSEMBLY & STEERING COLUMN LOCK CYLINDER SET


REMOVAL & INSTALLATION STEERING COLUMN Removal 1) Disconnect battery ground cable. Remove steering wheel. On Cressida, Corolla, MR2 and Tercel models, remove fuse box cover, lower instrument trim panel and air duct from under steering column. 2) On all models, remove upper and lower steering column covers. Remove combination switch. Mark position of “U” joints and shaft for reassembly. 3) On models with “U” joints, remove “U” joint retaining bolt. On models with flexible joint, remove flexible joint retaining bolt. NOTE: On 2WD Pickup models, remove steering column with intermediate shaft attached. 4) On all models, mark position of joint and pinion shaft for reassembly. Remove intermediate steering shaft. 5) Remove floor pan cover bolts. Remove tilt bracket-to- dashboard mounting bolts. Remove steering column toward inside of vehicle. Fig. 1: Exploded View of Camry, Corolla, MR2 & Tercel Steering Column Assembly Courtesy of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Fig. 2: Exploded View of Celica, Cressida & Supra Steering Column Assembly Courtesy of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Fig. 3: Exploded View of Land Cruiser, Pickup, Van & 4Runner Steering Column Assembly Courtesy of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Installation 1) To install steering columns, reverse disassembly procedure. Grease main steering shaft and all bearings. 2) Ensure marks made to flexible couplings and to “U” joints are aligned. Ensure steering column and shafts do not bind after installation. STEERING COLUMN OVERHAUL NOTE: Camry, Corolla, MR2 and Tercel steering columns are similar. Some of the following procedures will not pertain to all models. Disassembly (Camry, Corolla, MR2 & Tercel) 1) Remove tension springs, grommets and screws from tilt bracket. Remove tilt lever left-hand set bolt. Remove column upper support lock bolt. 2) Remove tilt steering support bolts and pawl set bolts. Place bushings and “O” rings aside and keep them clean. Remove ignition lock cylinder. 3) Using a screwdriver, push 2 thrust stoppers into bearing retainers. Pull out shaft from column. Remove the No. 1 column ring, bearing retainer, thrust stoppers and No. 2 column ring from shaft. 4) Remove snap ring and lower bearing from shaft. Remove bearing inner snap ring. Remove upper bracket retaining bolts and ground strap. Separate upper bracket from column. Inspection 1) Check that steering lock mechanism operates properly. Check upper bearing for smooth rotation or excessive noise. Replace upper bearing (if necessary). 2) Using Drift (09631-00020) and Adapter (09627-30010), drive bearing from upper bracket. Pack new bearing with grease. Using the same drift and adapter used in removal, drive new bearing into upper bracket. 3) Inspect lower bearing for smooth rotation or excessive noise. If lower bearing shows signs of wear or damage, replace with a new one. Reassembly 1) Install upper bracket onto column. Install ground strap. Tighten retaining bolts to 14 ft. lbs. (19 N.m). Install inner snap ring on shaft groove nearest to center of shaft. 2) Install lower bearing and lower bearing snap ring. Place No. 2 column ring into position next to bearing on side nearest center of shaft. See Fig. 4.

1997 Ford Thunderbird/ Cougar Steering Column Removal And Installation Manual

Steering Column Disassembly CAUTION: Do not remove the steering column, steering wheel and air bag module as an assembly from the vehicle unless the column is locked to prevent rotation, or lower end of steering shaft is wired in such a way to prevent the steering wheel from being rotated, as this will damage the air bag sliding contact. 1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301). Refer to Section 14-01 . 2. Remove steering wheel (3600) as described. 3. Remove steering column from vehicle as described. 4. Remove steering column lower yoke (3N725), steering column upper bearing spring (3520), suspension height sensor control ring (3C131) and steering column bearing tolerance ring (3L539). Lower Steering Column Assembly 5. Remove turn indicator cancel cam (13318) by pushing up with flat-bladed screwdriver. Note direction of flush surface. 6. Remove ignition switch (11572) assembly. 7. Remove bearing retainer (3C610) and steering column upper bearing spring. . Remove steel steering column bearing tolerance ring and steering column bearing sleeve (3518). 9. Remove plastic bearing retainer from ignition switch lock cylinder bore. 10. Remove metal steering column lock housing bearing (3E700) from ignition switch lock cylinder bore. 11. Note position of steering column lock gear (3E717) to actuator lock. Remove steering column lock gear. 12. Remove two pivot bolts. Use caution becausesteering column position spring (3D655) will release when bolts are removed. Remove steering column lock cylinder housing (3511). 13. Remove steering column shaft assembly from steering column. 14. Remove steering column lock lever actuator (3E715) and steering actuator housing (3F723). 15. Remove lower steering column bearing (3517) and steering column lower bearing retainer (3D681).

1988 Cadillac DeVille Steering Column Service and Repair Manual

Disassembly 1. Remove dash panel bracket and store bracket in a safe place to prevent damage to mounting capsules. 2. Place column in a vise using both weld nuts of either set A or B, Fig. 29. The vise jaws must clamp onto the sides of weld nuts indicated by arrows shown on set B. Do not place column in vise by clamping onto only one weld nut, by clamping on one weld nut of both sets A and B or by clamping onto the sides not indicated by arrows, as damage to column could result. 3. Inspect steering shaft to determine type of thread used for steering shaft nut. Metric type shafts can be identified by a groove located in area of steering wheel locating splines, while shafts with American type threads do not have this groove. If shaft has metric type threads, the forcing screw of Lock Plate Compressor Tool J-23653 must be removed and replaced with the metric forcing screw J-23653-4 before installing lock plate compressor tool on steering shaft. Compress lock plate using lock plate compressor tool, then pry snap ring from shaft groove and discard wing. Remove lock plate compressor tool and lock plate. 4. Remove directional signal switch, lock cylinder and ignition key warning switch, then remove steering shaft from lower end of column. 5. On power steering columns, remove steering shaft lower bearing from plastic adapter at lower end of column. 6. Remove four turn signal housing to column jacket retaining screws and remove housing and shroud assembly. 7. Remove three shroud to signal housing retaining screws and remove shroud. 8. Using hand as shield to prevent lock inhibitor lever spring wire from flying out, remove lock inhibitor lever and spring wire. 9. Lift ignition switch actuating rod, rack assembly, shaft lock bolt and spring assembly from housing, then if necessary, remove rack preload spring. 10. Remove ignition switch actuator sector through lock cylinder hole by pushing firmly on block tooth of sector with a blunt punch or screwdriver.

Chevrolets Tri-Five Steering Column to Steering Box Installation Instructions

The spline in your stock steering wheel is the same as the one on the new column, so no modifications are needed here. Turn the wheel over and find two screws that hold a metal tap to the wheel. This tab is what is used to cancel your turn signals. Remove the two screws and the tab as you will not be using them with your new column. You will have to drill a 1/2″ diameter hole in the wheel 3/4″ from the center of the splined hole in the center of the steering wheel at 45° (looking at the front of the wheel). If this can’t be done because of screw holes for a puller, try to get the hole as close as possible on either side. Do not drill out puller holes, you may need them later to pull the wheel. Install horn kit, if purchased. If the horn kit with ring is purchased, the ring is to be siliconed onto the steering wheel. If it doesn’t fit on exactly right, use a file or die grinder to trim inside. (If it’s way off, call us and we may something that will fit or we can make you something that will fit.) Next, install the wheel on the column. If it doesn’t want to go on at first, move the horn cam with your thumb and index finger a little one way or the other until the wheel drops down fully. This horn cam is what cancels the turn signals, so with this horn cam at 10:30, the steering box half way between full left and right, and the road wheels pointed straight ahead, the turn signals will cancel at the right time