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1995 altima heater blend air door location replace

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SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Remove the following components; • cluster lid “C” (HVAC control surround trim) • fuse box cover • driver’s side instrument panel lower cover (attached with 2 screws). 2. Remove the screw from the center of the cable operated gear (see Figure 2). Figure 2 3. Locate the small (about 1″ dia.) white air mix door gear. Hopefully it is still on the floor. NOTE: If you cannot find the old air mix door gear, order a new gear. Refer to the Parts Information section of this bulletin. 4. To see how it is supposed to fit, temporarily install the gear into the air mix door shaft (see Figure 3). Figure 3 Air mix door drive gear (shown installed) Heater box Cable operated gear Retaining screw (remove) Front TP020106 Cable (do not detach) On the left side of the heater case, remove the screw from the center of the cable operated gear for the air mix door. Note: It is not necessary to detach the cable from the gear or the heater box. Proper pin location for air mix door/door gear with door/gear turned fully clock wise. Front TP010607a The gear can fit two different ways, only one of which is correct. Install the gear and rotate the gear/mix door shaft assembly fully clockwise so the gear’s index pin is at the 2 to 3 o’clock position. Cable (do not detach) Note: If the gear is in the correct spot, the alignment pin will be at the 2 to 3 o’clock position. POSITIONING THE GEAR CORRECTLY IS CRITICAL TO GETTING THE DOOR TIMING RIGHT. 3/5 5. Remove the gear, thoroughly clean the gear shaft of any grease, and apply the glue. See Figure 4. Figure 4 6. Re-install the gear into the mix door shaft (see Figure 5). Figure 5 TP010606a Air mix door gear (back side) Apply Glue to Shaded areas b. Apply plastic glue (3M dp-8005 or equivalent) to the shaft of the air mix door gear in the area where it inserts into the air mix door shaft. a. Thoroughly clean the air mix door gear shaft. Note: It is not necessary to clean the grease from the gear teeth. Front TP020100 Re-install the gear so the gear’s index pin is at the 2 to 3 o’clock position when the gear/mix door shaft assembly is turned fully clockwise. Proper pin location for air mix door/door gear with door/gear turned fully clock wise. 4/5 7. Set the HVAC control temperature dial as shown in Figure 6. Figure 6 8. Re-install the cable operated gear (see Figure 7). Figure 7 9. Operate the temperature control while watching the air mix door gear movement. They should operate freely with no binding. 10.Check the adjustment of the temperature cable as follows: A. Rotate the temperature control knob to the full COLD position (i.e., fully counterclockwise) and confirm the air mix door is fully seated (sealed) in the down position, then B. Rotate the temperature control knob to the full HOT position (i.e., fully clockwise) and confirm the air mix door is fully seated (sealed) in the up position. If the air mix door does not fully seat (seal) in either the full HOT or full COLD position: • Adjust the temperature control cable, with the temperature control knob in the full hot position, using the clip at the heater unit (see Figure 7) 11.Re-install the trim pieces removed in step 1.

1995 Volvo 850 L5-2.3L Turbo Relay Identification and Location

Relay Identification and Location Relays Inside the Central Electrical Unit 101-102Control module, cruise control (4/3) 103 Fuel pump relay (2/23) 104,108Main headlight relay with bulb malfunction indicator (2/1) 105 Overload relay +X supply (2/30) 106 Overload relay +15 supply (2/31) 107 Overload relay +X supply (2/60) 201 Fog light relay (2/2) 202 Relay, deadlock setting (2/47) 203 Relay, windshield intermittent wiper (2/4) 204 Relay, tailgate intermittent wiper (2/16) 205-206Relay, central lock and delayed inside lighting (2/7) 207 Speed warning (2/51) or exhaust temp. sensor relay (2/15) 208 Relay, heated rear window and door mirrors (2/44) 210-211Relay, anti-theft alarm (2/28) 212 Relay, seat belt reminder/key warning (2/5) 213 Front fog lights, bridge (25/9) 214 Relay, heated rear seat (2/43) If the car is not equipped with a theft alarm, position 210 is bridged and 211 is unconnected. Relays Outside the Central Electrical Unit

1999 Chrysler Truck Town And Country Blend Door Actuator REMOVAL And INSTALLATION MANUAL

REMOVAL The air conditioning system can be equipped with either a standard, single blend- air door actuator, or it can be equipped with dual actuators. The dual system has separate blend-air controls. This allows for separate control of the driver’s side air, and the passenger side air. 1. Remove the lower left side steering column cover. Refer to Instrument Panel and Systems. Side View Of HVAC With Actuators Zoom Sized for Print ABS Control Module 2. Remove ABS control module. 3. Remove blend-air actuator connector. 4. Remove blend-air actuator. INSTALLATION 1. For installation, reverse the above procedures. 2. Perform the HVAC Control Calibration Diagnostic and Cooldown test. Repeating the test is necessary to clear the fault codes


CONDITION POSSIBLE CAUSE COMMON REPAIR Top RollerComes Rail bent or widened condition Replace the upper slide door rail. Top Roller Comes Out of Rail Guide The stopper at the end of the rail is loose or missing. Replace the stopper as needed. Door Does Not Lock in Full Open Position Full open stop latch assembly is damaged. Replace the full open stop latch assembly. Left Door Opens Half Way Fuel door half stopper cable damaged. Adjust the cable. Replace the cable, if damaged. Difficltto Open Dirty weatherstrip. Clean all soda spills or other sticky substances that may have accumulated on weatherstrip and door. Difficult to Open Manually Inside handle release button damaged. Replace inside handle release button assembly according to TSB No. BO027-00, “Sliding Door Handle Push Button Operation”. Door out of adjustment. Adjust levelness of the door, according to Repair Manual. Dragging Open/Close Mll Running board rubs against the bottom of the sliding door. Adjust running board to proper position and assure clearance from the door. Manually Roller rails have bent or warp condition. Dirt or debris in the rails and rollers. Clean rails and rollers. Replace damaged parts. CONDITION POSSIBLE CAUSE COMMON REPAIR Creak Noise Junction block, damaged components, and other issues Refer to TSB No. BO003-99, “Sliding Door Creak Noise Reduction.” Refer to the “Common Sources of Creak Noise” section of this bulletin for additional information for sources of creak noise. Rattle or Clicking (NOT Creak Noise) Door moving when driving over bumps Rollers loose or damaged Adjust lower roller base mounting to bring door closer to body (Refer to TIS, applicable model year Sienna Repair Manual, Vehicle Exterior – Door/Hatch – “Slide Door: Adjustment”). Adjust strikers to bring door closer to the body. Inspect the latch assembly and replace, if damaged. Replace damaged rollers. Noise During Open/Close Rollers or rails are damaged and/or dirty. Inspect, clean, and/or replace as needed

2003 HONDA CIVIC Door Panel Removal And Installation Manual

2003 CIVIC – Door Panel Removal/Installation Special Tools Required *KTC trim tool set SOJATP2014 *Trim pad remover, Snap-on A 177A or equivalent, commercially available 2-door NOTE: Use the appropriate tool from the KTC trim tool set to avoid damage when prying components. 1. If applicable, remove the regulator handle (A) by pulling the clip (B) out with a wire hook (C). 2. Remove the inner handle (A). Take care not to scratch the door panel. 3. Remove the switch panel (A) (power window model) or the pull pocket (B) (manual window model). -1 Pry out on the upper portion of the cover (B) to release the hooks (C, D), then remove the cover. -2 Remove the screws. -3 Pull the inner handle forward and out half-way to release the hook (E). -4 Disconnect the inner handle rod (F) and power door lock switch connector (G) (driver’s side for some models). – 1 Using a trim tool, pry the cap (C), then remove the screw (D) 4. Remove the screws (H) securing the door panel. 5. Remove the mirror mount cover. 6. Release the clips that hold the door panel (A) with a commercially available trim pad remover (B), then remove the door panel by pulling it upward. Remove the door panel with as little bending as possible to avoid creasing or breaking it. 7. Install the door panel in the reverse order of removal, and note these items: *Replace any damaged clips. *Make sure the connectors are plugged in properly, and the rod is connected properly. *Make sure the window and power door locks operate properly. *If applicable, install the regulator handle so it points forward and up at a 45 º angle with the glass fully closed