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2001 vw cabrio owners manual download

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1996-2001 Honda Civic – ALL Civic Rear Main Oil Seal Leaks Repair manual

REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Remove the transmission. Refer to section 13 or 14 of the appropriate service manual. 2. Remove and discard the rear main oil seal (crankshaft oil seal). 3. Install the new oil seal. Refer to page 7 – 29 of the ’96-00 service manual or page 7-27 of the ’01 service manual. 4. Reinstall the transmission. 5. Reinstall the drain plug with a new sealing washer. 6. Refill the transmission with the appropriate fluid. 7. 2001 models only. Do the idle learn procedure: Make sure all electrical items (A/C, audio unit, defogger, lights, etc.) are turned off, then start the engine. Let the engine warm up to its normal operating temperature (the cooling fan cycles twice). Let the engine idle (throttle fully closed with all electrical items turned off) for 10 minutes. 8. 2001 2-door EX and LX models only. Drive the vehicle above 40 mph for 5 to 10 minutes with the cruise control on. (This lets the cruise control actuator learn how much slack there is in the throttle cable.)


Programming software update. SERVICE PROCEDURE Engine Control Module Update – Programming (Flashing) Tip: When performing the update programming procedure, ALL DTCs for all systems are erased. DTCs linked to Guided Fault Finding function tests will be lost. Therefore, always address stored DTCs for Customer concerns unrelated to the update programming procedure first. The following “Update – Programming” (flashing) process may overwrite any “TUNED” ECM programming. A “TUNED” ECM is described as any ECM altered so as to perform outside the normal parameters and specifications approved by Volkswagen of America, Inc. If you encounter a vehicle with a “Tuned” ECM, prior to performing the “Update – Programming” (flashing) procedure: Your Dealership should place the vehicle owner on notice in writing, that their ECM was found to have been tuned, and that any damage caused by the tuning of the ECM (including any adverse emissions consequences) will not be covered by Volkswagen of America, Inc. warranties. For any repair requested by the owner under warranty or outside warranty that requires update programming, which will automatically wipe out the “Tuning” program, your Dealership should advise the owner of the above and get Owner’s written consent (see attached Control Module Tuning form) to the update programming procedure. Tool Requirements VAS 5051 or VAS 5052 (with Base CD V.10.01 and the Brand CD V.10.70.00 or higher). “Update – Programming” (flashing) CD 8D0906961A, B, D. Tip: Additional copies of the “Update – Programming” CD (Literature Number 8D0906961A, B, D) may be ordered from the Volkswagen Technical Literature Ordering Center at www.vw.resolve. com , or by calling 1- 800-544-8021 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. This number can be dialed in both the United States and Canada

1994 Chevy Truck C 1500 Truck 2WD Tune-up and Engine Performance Checks/ Ignition-Timing Connector Location Change Manual

SUBJECT: TIMING CONNECTOR LOCATION CHANGE MODELS: 1994 CHEVROLET AND GMC C/K TRUCKS WITH GASOLINE ENGINES The timing connector, which can be disconnected to return engine timing to base for adjustment purposes, has been moved from the engine compartment to inside the cab. This new location is not currently reflected in the Service or Owner’s Manual. The new location is under the dash directly below the glove compartment. The tan/black wire is routed for a short distance outside of a large wiring harness. This large harness is routed between the heater blower motor and evaporator case. The timing connector is taped to the wire bundle (Figure 1)

1990 Toyota Supra Factory Repair Manual

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION OF TRANSMISSION Removal of Transmission REMOVE NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE CAUTION: Work must be started after approx. 20 se- conds or longer from the “LOCK” position and the nega- tive (-) terminal cable is disconnected from the battery. REMOVE CENTER CLUSTER FINISH PANEL REMOVE SHIFT LEVER FROM INSIDE OF VEHICLE RAISE VEHICLE AND DRAIN TRANSMISSION OIL NOTICE: Be sure the vehicle is securely supported. REMOVE PROPELLER SHAFT Remove the propeller shaft and insert SST into the extension housing. SST 09325-2001 0 (for W58 M/T) 09325-4001 0 (for R 1 54 MIT) DISCONNECT EXHAUST FRONT PlPE FROM TAIL PlPE (a) Remove the rubber hanger. (b) Disconnect the pipe at the front side of the converter. (R154 M/T) REMOVE EXHAUST FRONT PlPE (a) Disconnect the exhaust pipe bracket from the clutch housing. (b) Remove the nuts and exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold. DISCONNECT SPEEDOMETER CABLE DISCONNECT BACK-UP LIGHT SWITCH CONNECTOR AND REAR SPEED SENSOR CONNECTOR (wl A.B.S.) MANUAL TRANSMISSION – Removal and Installation of Transmission MT-5 10. REMOVE CLUTCH RELEASE CYLINDER 11. REMOVE STARTER Remove the mounting bolts and lay the starter alongside the engine. 12. JACK UP TRANSMISSION SLIGHTLY Raise the transmission enough to remove the weight from the rear support. 13. REMOVE ENGINE REAR MOUNTING 14. REMOVE TRANSMISSION MOUNTING BOLTS AND FLYWHEEL HOUSING UNDER COVER 15.-1 (W58 M/T) REMOVE TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY Pull out the transmission down and toward the rear. 15.-2 (R154 M/T) REMOVE TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY WITH CLUTCH COVER AND DISC (a) Remove the two clutch housing covers. (b) Pull out the release fork through the left clutch housing hole. (c) Place the matchmarks on the clutch cover and flywheel. (d) Remove the clutch cover set bolts while turning the crankshaft pulley. HINT: Loosen each set bolt one turn at a time until spring tension is released. (e) Remove the clutch cover and disc from the flywheel, and fully move them toward the transmission. (f) Pull out the transmission with the clutch cover and disc.

2001 Toyota Highlander Sport Utility, Radio, FRONT DOOR SPEAKER INSTALLATION MANUAL

2001 Toyota Highlander Sport Utility PRELIMINARY: Disconnect the negative battery cable. ANTENNA: The factory antenna is located atop the right front fender panel. RADIO REMOVAL AND IN-DASH INSTALLATION: Note: The factory radio provision is for a Double ISO/DIN style radio. An installation kit is required when installing an aftermarket stereo. 1. Using panel removal tool carefully pry off radio bezel. 2. Extract (6) 10 mm bolts securing radio and climate controls in dash, disconnect and remove. 3. Extract (8) Iso screws securing radio to bracket. 4. Extract (2) Philips screws securing bracket to bezel, pull away and remove radio. FRONT DOOR SPEAKER INSTALLATION: Note: The factory speaker provision is for a 1 ½” tweeter and a 6 ½” 3-Hole speaker mounted to a factory speaker adapter. 1. Remove screw cover from door opener cup and exract (1) Philips head screw, pry bezel out then forward to remove. 2. Remove inside mirror cover. 3. Pry out door cup and extract (1) Philips screw from beneath. 4. Exract (1) plastic fastener from front top portion of door. 5. Pry off door panel, pull away, disconnect, and remove. 6. Extract (3) 10 mm bolts securing speaker, pull away, disconnect, and remove. REAR DOOR SPEAKER INSTALLATION: Note: The factory speaker provision is for a 5 ¼” 3-Hole speaker mounted in a factory speaker adapter. 1. Remove screw cover from door opener cup and extract (1) Philips head screw, pry bezel out then forward to remove. 2. Pry out door cup and extract (1) Philips screw from beneath. 3. Pry off door panel, pull away, disconnect and remove. 4. Extract (3) 10 mm bolts securing speaker , pull away, disconnect, and remove