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2003 chevy impala dash removal instructions

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2003 4.6L FORD SVT MUSTANG COBRA WITH IRS AFT CAT SYSTEM Removal and Installation Instructions

Removal and Installation Instructions 1. Remove positive battery connector. 2. Raise vehicle to a comfortable working height. 3. Spray lubricant (WD-40 or similar product) on all rubber hangers and also on the (4) flange bolts. 4. Remove stock exhaust by removing (4) flange bolts and pulling exhaust loose from hangers. 5. Leave hangers snug not tight. 6. Mufflers, attach the supplied 2½” muffler clamp to the slip joint of the drivers side inlet tube into the muffler. (Do Not Tighten) Bolt all (4) connections of inlet tubes onto OEM H or X pipe and use Bassani jet lube on all threads, snug down, Do Not tighten yet. 7. Repeat #6 for passenger side Muffler 8. Now fit the left/right side resonators onto the bends out of the muffler. Attach the supplied 2½” muffler clamp. 9. Fit the left/right side tips slipping them over the outlet tubes from the resonators. Fit the tip hanger into the stock rubber hangers. Use the supplied band clamps at this joint and snug. 10. Adjust the tip alignment as required. The top edge of the tip should be 5/8″ to ¾” of an inch below the bottom edge of the rocker panel and should not extend further out than the outside edge of the rocker panel. Double check all your gaps between the tip and tire; and tip and body and then tighten down. Tighten all clamps and bolts and re-check alignment. 11. Let the car down and install passenger battery clamp.


HARDWARE AND PARTS LIST TOOLS REQUIRED FOR REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION 1. 15mm Combo Wrench 2. 9/16″ Combo wrench 3. 9/16″ Socket 3/8″ Drive 4. 3/8″ Drive Ratchet 5. 7/16″ Combo Wrench 6. Tube Cutter/ or other metal cutting tool Pry bar Hardware List (1) 3″ Muffler Clamp (2) 3/8″ X 16 X 2½” Hex Bolts (2) 3/8″ X 16 Flange Nuts (2) 3/8″ Flat Washers (1) Anti-Seize Tube (1) 3″ Stainless Band Clamp Parts List (1) 3″ Inlet Tube (1) 5″ X 10″ X 24″ Muffler with 3″ Single Inlet and 3″ Single Outlet (1) 3″ Over Axle Tail Pipe 4″ Truck Tip (polished) REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Removal 1. Raise vehicle using a hoist or floor jack and jack stands. 2. Locate the 2-bolt flange, which connects the y-pipe to stock cat-back. Remove the 2 nuts with a 15mm wrench. 3. Proceed to remove 3 rubber hangers. NOTE: Some type of lube will make your job easier. 4. It may be necessary to cut the stock system to aid in removal. NOTE: Lowering spare tire may aid in removing stock exhaust. Installation 1. Start by locating the inlet tube from your kit with the 2-bolt flange. Slide the inlet tube into place and attach rubber hanger at forward most position and secure the 2-bolt flange using stock hardware. 2. Slide muffler into inlet tube and secure with the provided 3″ muffler clamp. Do not fully fasten; final adjustments will be made later. 3. Once the muffler is attached install over axle tailpipe, 2 rubber factory Hangers to tailpipe and secure tailpipe to muffler using the two 3/8″ X 16 X 2½” hex bolts, two 3/8″ washers and two 3/8″ X 16 flange nuts. Final adjustments can be made and system can be fully tightened. 4. Slide the supplied 4″ polished tip over tailpipe and secure with 3″ stainless band clamp.

2003 HONDA CIVIC Door Panel Removal And Installation Manual

2003 CIVIC – Door Panel Removal/Installation Special Tools Required *KTC trim tool set SOJATP2014 *Trim pad remover, Snap-on A 177A or equivalent, commercially available 2-door NOTE: Use the appropriate tool from the KTC trim tool set to avoid damage when prying components. 1. If applicable, remove the regulator handle (A) by pulling the clip (B) out with a wire hook (C). 2. Remove the inner handle (A). Take care not to scratch the door panel. 3. Remove the switch panel (A) (power window model) or the pull pocket (B) (manual window model). -1 Pry out on the upper portion of the cover (B) to release the hooks (C, D), then remove the cover. -2 Remove the screws. -3 Pull the inner handle forward and out half-way to release the hook (E). -4 Disconnect the inner handle rod (F) and power door lock switch connector (G) (driver’s side for some models). – 1 Using a trim tool, pry the cap (C), then remove the screw (D) 4. Remove the screws (H) securing the door panel. 5. Remove the mirror mount cover. 6. Release the clips that hold the door panel (A) with a commercially available trim pad remover (B), then remove the door panel by pulling it upward. Remove the door panel with as little bending as possible to avoid creasing or breaking it. 7. Install the door panel in the reverse order of removal, and note these items: *Replace any damaged clips. *Make sure the connectors are plugged in properly, and the rod is connected properly. *Make sure the window and power door locks operate properly. *If applicable, install the regulator handle so it points forward and up at a 45 º angle with the glass fully closed

Chevy 6 Lug Shock Extension Brackets Installation Instructions

chevy 6 Lug Shock Extension Brackets – Installation Instructions For some vehicles it is easier to install the brackets with the shock in the vehicle. 1) Remove the lower shock bolt from the lower control arm. 2) Turn the shock 180 degrees. 3) Using the bolt provided, place the shock extender into the shock mount. 4) Using the factory bolt, install the shock extender onto the lower control arm. 5) Tighten the upper shock mount.


Toyota Venza 2009-2010 1 D isconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent an accidental short circuit. 1 Unclip and remove the trim panel to the right of the shifter. ( Figure A) 2 Remove (1) Phillips screw from the bottom of the climate control then unclip and remove the climate control. (Figure B) 3 Remove (4)10 MM bolts securing the radio. Note: You will need a universal swivel head socket adapter to get to the bottom left bolt. (Figure C) 4 Remove (4) Phillips screws securing the factory radio to the a/c vent panel. ( Figure D) 99-8225G KIT ASSEMBLY 2 REAR VIEW-A/C VENT PANEL A B C D Secure the Radio Housing into the factory a/c vent panel using the factory hardware. (Figure A) 1 Slide the DIN cage into the Radio Housing and secure by bending the metal locking tabs down. (Figure B) 3 Locate the factory wiring harness in the dash. Metra recommends using the proper mating adapter from Metra or AXXESS. Re-connect the negative battery terminal and test the unit for proper operation. 2 Slide the aftermarket head unit into the cage and secure. (Figure C) 4 * Note: Refer also to the instructions included with the aftermarket radio.