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SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Remove the Fuel Pump/Fuel Level Sensor/Fuel Filter assembly from the vehicle. • Refer to section FL in the appropriate Service Manual (ESM) for removal information. • Follow all applicable Service Manual Warnings and Cautions. 2. Place the assembly in a clean working area. CAUTION: Don’t get any dirt or other foreign material in any of the assembly parts. Disassemble 3. Disconnect the wires from the fuel level sensor. 4. Snap the fuel temperature sensor out of its mounting clip. Figure 1 Fuel Level Sensor Fuel Temperature Sensor and Mounting Clip 5. Carefully separate the flange from the chamber. • Release the 2 side “hooks”. • One hook is shown in Figure 1; the other is on the opposite side and is not visible in the picture. Flange Hook Chamber Chamber Hook: Not Visible 6. Remove the chamber from the rest of the assembly. • Set the chamber aside. You’ll be reusing it. 3/10 7. Carefully disconnect the fuel pump connector. • Use a small flat blade screwdriver to unlock the connector. Fuel Pump Connector Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 8. Remove the spring. • Set the spring aside. You’ll be reusing it. Fuel Pump Bracket Suction Filter 9. Carefully remove the fuel pump bracket shown in Figures 6 and 7. • You’ll need to release the “hooks”. See Figure 7 for example. CAUTION: Be careful; don’t damage the suction filter/pick-up screen.