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air fuel ratio sensor connectorwiring nissan sentra 04

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SERVICE PROCEDURE Replace Starter, Add Cleaner 1. Replace the starter motor. • Use the part number from the Parts Information section of this bulletin. • Refer to section SC, “STARTING SYSTEM, Removal and Installation” in the applicable Nissan Electronic Service Manual (ESM). 2. Add one full can of Nissan In-Tank Fuel System Cleaner to the fuel. NOTE: If the fuel tank is less than ¾ full, instruct the customer to fill the tank as soon as it is convenient after the repair. Driving with the Cleaner installed and low fuel level will not harm the fuel system or engine, but will reduce the effectiveness of the cleaning process. 3. Continue to ECM Part Number Check (next page). 1. With CONSULT-II “ON”, print the Self-DIAG Results as follows: START (Nissan) >> ENGINE >> Self-DIAG Results >> PRINT SELF-DIAG RESULTS SYSTEM ENGINE DATE XX/XX/XXXX* 11:07:11 P/N 23710-XXXXX TP020389h DTC RESULTS TIME NO DTC IS DETECTED Current ECM Part Number * Example, your screen may differ. 3. Using the printout from Step 1: • Compare the vehicle’s current ECM P/N to those shown under Current ECM P/N in Chart 1, below: • This comparison will allow you to determine if the ECM needs to be reprogrammed. Chart 1, Current ECM P/N’s: VEHICLE PACKAGE NATS? CURRENT ECM P/N A/T, ASCD YES 23710-9J305, -9J003, -9J002, -9J001, -9J000, -8J001, -8J000 M/T, ASCD YES 23710-9J315, -9J013, -9J012, -9J011, -9J010, -8J061, -8J060 A/T, no ASCD YES 23710-9J300, -9J008, -9J007, -9J006, -9J005, -8J011, -8J010 02-04 Altima M/T, no ASCD YES 23710-9J310, -9J018, -9J017, -9J016, -9J015, -8J071, -8J070 YES 23710-8U542, -8U541, -8U540, -8U041, 8U040 A/T NO 23710-8U502, -8U501, -8U500, -8U001, 8U000 YES 23710-8U562, -8U561, -8U560, -8U061, -8U060 02-03 Sentra 5 M/T NO 23710-8U512, -8U511, -8U510, -8U011, -8U010 YES 23710-8U072, -8U071, -8U070 02 Sentra 6 M/T NO 23710-8U022, -8U021, -8U020 YES 23710-8U572, -8U571, -8U570 03 Sentra 6 M/T NO 23710-8U522, -8U521, -8U520 NOTE: The 2004 Sentra ECM does not need to be reprogrammed for this bulletin. A. If your vehicle’s ECM P/N matches a P/N in the chart above: • Perform ECM Reprogramming (page 4). B. If your vehicle’s ECM P/N does not match a P/N in the chart above: • ECM Reprogramming is not necessary, bulletin complete / end here

2005 Nissan Quest Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) is ON

1 Check scan data for fuel trims to see if the system is in proper fuel control – look for 0% plus or minus 10% in generic or 90 – 110 % alpha in manufacture specific. 2. Verify there are no exhaust leaks. 3. Drive the vehicle and check the bank 1 rear O2 sensor activity on the scan tool or with a voltmeter to see if the bank 1 rear O2 sensor is cross counting like a typical front O2 sensor would. Potential Causes: Catalytic Converter Tech Tips: If in manufacture specific with the scan tool, Nissan displays fuel trims in alpha. 100% alpha is the same as 0% fuel trim. This vehicle has front air fuel ratio sensors – not O2 sensors. Bank 1 is the firewall bank. Bank 2 is the radiator bank. Before the catalytic converter lights off, the rear O2 sensor voltage is usually down around 0.2 – 0.4 volts or so but when the catalytic converter lights off, it uses up a lot of the oxygen so the rear O2 sensor voltage will typically reads around 0.6 – 0.7 volts and have some movement but not a lot of movement and should not cross count above and below 0.5 volts. The catalytic converter is covered under the 8 year 80,000 mile federal emissions warranty.


1. The exhaust weld bung should be welded to a 3/4-inch hole in the exhaust system located as close as practical to the exhaust manifold/header coupling flange. Your local muffler shop should be able to perform this task at a reasonable cost. Be sure to allow clearance for the sensor and its wire harness. 2. Screw the O2 sensor assembly into the weld bung using a 7/8″ wrench. A small amount of anti-seize compound is on the threads of the sensor. Should this be wiped off, we recommend reapplying anti-seize to the threads. 3. Disconnect the battery prior to any electrical work. Always disconnect the ground terminal first to reduce the possibility of shorting a wrench from the +12V side of the battery to ground. 4. Select a mounting location for the Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor display that may be viewed easily, but in reach of the supplied harness. Install the Air/Fuel display using the supplied velcro strips. 5. Locate a place in the firewall to feed the three wires through to the engine compartment. Usually there are existing through holes that may be used. A rubber grommet is provided and should be used if required. NOTE: Use care in routing wires near or around hot exhaust components. Shorting the O2 sensor signal to ground may permanently damage the sensor. 6. Insert the three-pin Weather Pack connector pins into the supplied connector body. Refer to Figure 1. 7. Route the wires to the mating connector attached to the O2 sensor and plug the cable together. NOTE: To prevent catastrophic failure of unit, avoid routing wires near spark plug wires. Be especially careful to avoid running wires parallel to plug wires. Allow even more clearance with high energy ignitions. 8. Locate and connect the Red wire to a source of +12 volt power that is on when the engine is running. 9. Connect the Black wire to the rear of a cylinder head or a manifold bolt. Make sure the bolt hole is free of paint or other nonconducting material. DO NOT USE VEHICLE SHEET METAL AS A SYSTEM GROUND. Use an Ohm meter to check resistance along the path between the ground location and the O2 sensor bung. It should read less than 1 Ohm. 10. Re-connect the battery (positive terminal first), and start the engine. 11. The Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor is now ready for use. Indications begin after the exhaust temperature reaches about 600°F (after approximately 60 seconds)


ACTIONS: • If you only have DTC P0340, replace only Bank 1 CMP (Camshaft Position) Sensor. • If you only have DTC P0345, replace only Bank 2 CMP (Camshaft Position) Sensor. • If you have both codes, replace both sensors. • For a “hard to start warm” incident, replace both sensors, even if you have no codes. Refer to sections EC and EM in the correct Service Manual for sensor replacement information. If replacement of the sensors does not solve your incident, go back to ASIST for further diagnostic and repair information. PARTS INFORMATION DESCRIPTION PART # QUANTITY Camshaft Position Sensor- Bank 1 23731-6J906 1 Camshaft Position Sensor- Bank 2 23731-AL616 1 CLAIMS INFORMATION Submit a Primary Failed Part (PP) line claim using the following claims coding: DESCRIPTION PFP OP-CODESYSDIAFRT RPL One Camshaft Position Sensor (Bank 1 or Bank 2) (1) DE64AA AA 32 (2) RPL Both Camshaft Position Sensors (Banks 1 and 2) (1) DE67AA AA 32 0.3 hrs. (1) Reference the Parts Information table and use the indicated sensor P/N’s as the PFP. (2) Reference the current Nissan Warranty Flat Rate Manual and use the indicated FRT

Nissan Xterra The Fuel Sending Unit that you remove from the vehicle

DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER QUANTITY Cleaning/Sealing Kit B5060-79900 1 (per vehicle) Protective Coating (see “NOTE D”) KY140-9Z 400 As Needed Genuine Nissan Brake Cleaner (see “NOTE E”) 999MP-AH 001P As Needed OR Cleaning/Sealing Kit B5060-79900 1 (per vehicle) Fuel Sending Unit Kit (see “NOTE F”) (D22 vehicles built after 9/1/99 and all WD22) 25060-4S426 1 Kit A (for 1999-00 MY D22) (see “NOTE G”) 1 Kit B (for 2000-03 D22 & WD22) (see “NOTE G”) 1 Genuine Nissan Rust Penetrant (see “NOTE E”) 999MP-A3020P As Needed Genuine Nissan Tectyl 517 (Bitumen) Wax Sealer (see “NOTE E”) 999MP-9 G001P As Needed OR Cleaning/Sealing Kit B5060-79900 1 (per vehicle) Fuel Sending Unit Kit (see “NOTE F”) (For D22 vehicles built up to 9/1/99) 25060-4S425 1 Kit A (for 1999-00 MY D22) (see “NOTE G”) 1 Kit B (for 2000-03 D22 & WD22) (see “NOTE G”) 1 Genuine Nissan Rust Penetrant (see “NOTE E”) 999MP-A3020P As Needed Genuine Nissan Tectyl 517 (Bitumen) Wax Sealer (see “NOTE E”) 999MP-9 G001P As Needed IF REQUIRED Fuel Tank (for 1999-00 MY D22) 17202-7B400 1 Fuel Tank (for 2000 and later D22 4-cyl. & 6-cyl. and WD22 6-cyl. ONLY) 17202-5S620 1 Fuel Tank (for 2000 and later WD22 4-cyl. ONLY) 17202-5S820 1