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blend door actuator 2004 honda accord

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1999 Chrysler Truck Town And Country Blend Door Actuator REMOVAL And INSTALLATION MANUAL

REMOVAL The air conditioning system can be equipped with either a standard, single blend- air door actuator, or it can be equipped with dual actuators. The dual system has separate blend-air controls. This allows for separate control of the driver’s side air, and the passenger side air. 1. Remove the lower left side steering column cover. Refer to Instrument Panel and Systems. Side View Of HVAC With Actuators Zoom Sized for Print ABS Control Module 2. Remove ABS control module. 3. Remove blend-air actuator connector. 4. Remove blend-air actuator. INSTALLATION 1. For installation, reverse the above procedures. 2. Perform the HVAC Control Calibration Diagnostic and Cooldown test. Repeating the test is necessary to clear the fault codes


INSTALLATION NOTE: When installing a back-up sensor and a trailer hitch, install the back-up sensor before installing the trailer hitch. 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio and navigation system (if equipped), then write down the radio presets. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery 3. Remove the two caps from the rear bumper, and remove the rear bumper (two bolts, six self-tapping screws, and two clips). NOTE: Have an assistant help you when removing and installing the rear bumper. 4. Remove the trunk floor mat (one clip). 6D26050E CLIPS 2 CAPS REAR BUMPER 6 SELF-TAPPING SCREWS 7109070E CLIP TRUNK FLOOR MAT 5. Remove the rear trunk trim panel (four clips and three hooks). Remove the trunk left side trim panel (five clips). 8. Remove the left rear speaker cover (nine retaining tabs). 710908AE LEFT TRUNK SIDE TRIM PANEL 3 CLIPS 2 CLIPS 7115030E LEFT REAR SPEAKER COVER 9 RETAINING TABS 9. Remove the left rear speaker (one bolt and disconnect the vehicle connector). 10. Attach the control unit bracket to the control unit 11. By hand, thread the 6 mm flange nut onto the control unit bracket stud. Insert the control unit bracket into the hole in the vehicle panel as shown. Secure the bracket to the vehicle panel. VEHICLE PANEL CONTROL UNIT CONTROL UNIT BRACKET HOLE 6 mm FLANGE NUT HOLE CONTROL UNIT BRACKET


INSTALLATION 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft codes for the audio and navigation system (if equipped), and write down the radio station presets. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 3. Remove the front bulkhead cover (seven clips). Customer Information: The information in this installation instruction is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to correctly and safely add equipment to your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers.” 740220AY FOG LIGHT HARNESS FOG LIGHT HARNESS LEFT FOG LIGHT RIGHT FOG LIGHT LIGHT/TURN SIGNAL SWITCH 742306BE FRONT BUMPER FRONT BULKHEAD COVER 7 CLIPS 4. Remove the front bumper (two self-tapping screws and 10 clips). Have an assistant help you when removing the front bumper. 5. Remove the three self-tapping screws (save for reuse) from the front bumper, and remove the left fog light cover


INSTALLATION 1. Squeeze the ring while you pull down on the shift boot. Remove the shift knob by turning it counterclockwise. 2. Remove the shift knob from the ring by squeezing the retaining tabs and pushing it up with long nose pliers. 3. Transfer the ring to the leather shift knob 4. Install the leather shift knob on the shift lever by turning it in the clockwise direction. 5. Pull the boot upward. USE AND CARE Use a sponge or cloth and a solution of mild liquid dishwashing soap and water to clean the shift knob. Rinse the knob completely with water, then dry it with a shop towel. Never use organic solvents such as benzene, thinner, or gasoline to clean the shift knob.


INSTALLATION NOTE: •Make sure the vehicle and the nose mask are clean and completely dry before installation. If moisture under the mask is allowed to dry, it may cloud the paint. If the mask gets wet, remove it and allow it to air-dry completely. •Make sure any repainted surfaces are cured. •Make sure the hood and nose of the vehicle have been waxed with a high-quality paste wax. •Make sure to install the nose mask securely. If the nose mask starts to flap or comes loose while driving, safely pull off the highway, stop the vehicle, and secure or remove the mask. Displaying the License Plate If your state law requires the display of both license plates, cut out the piece of the bumper section that covers the front license plate: •Face the inside of the mask toward you. •Carefully cut out the license plate section with scissors at the top seam, and remove the overcast stitching. nstalling the Hood Section 1. Open the hood. Fit the corners of the mask (hood section) around the hood and adjust the mask so that it fits smoothly over the edges. Attach the Shooks to the hood. Install the S-hooks by inserting your finger into the belt of each S-hook. Pulling the S-hooks by force can break the S-hooks and the mask (hood section). 760101AE 2 S-HOOKS HOOD Install the S-hooks by inserting your finger into the belt of each S-hook. MASK (hood section) Installing the Bumper Section 2. Turn the steering wheel all the way clockwise. 3. Pry out the second plastic pin, and remove the expansion clip. Remove and retain the clip, then clean the area around the hole