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200-92010 Toyota Camry/ Corolla OE Fit Fog Light Install Instruction


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Installation 1. Secure the Relay to the wire loom next to the Battery with wire ties. Secure top and bottom with wire ties. 2. Attach the ring terminal with 2 black wires to the 10mm bolt next to the relay 3. Connect the ring terminal from the relay (12v red wire) to the positive terminal of the battery 4. Locate the large vehicle harness grommet on the left side. Cut the auxiliary wiring access nipple off the grommet and push small 2-wire connector through firewall. Note: Extra caution should be taken not to damage connector. Seal with 3M Silicone sealant (see picture 1) Picture 1 5. Run the fog light wire harness on the driver side of the car. Use wire ties as needed. 6. Remove dash panels 7. Mount switch into switch knockout on left side of dash 8. From inside the cabin, locate the small connector that were pushed through in step 4. It will be the grommet above the gas pedal 9. Install switch harness 10. T-tap green/black wire from fog light harness to connector E21 pin 11, light green wire (first pin on right). Connector E21 is located on the left side of the steering column (picture 2) Picture 2 11. T-Tap orange/black wire from fog light harness to connector ID pin 3, pink wire (middle third pin from left). Connector ID is left of steering wheel (picture 3) Picture 3 12. Secure with wire ties. 13. Reinstall dash panels 14. Route the fog light wire under car. 15. Remove fog light cover plates and lower splash shields on both sides 16. Insert one side of the fog light into the plastic sleeve and secure other side with supplied Phillip screws (see picture 4