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cost to replace rear main seal on 2001 chevy

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1996-2001 Honda Civic – ALL Civic Rear Main Oil Seal Leaks Repair manual

REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Remove the transmission. Refer to section 13 or 14 of the appropriate service manual. 2. Remove and discard the rear main oil seal (crankshaft oil seal). 3. Install the new oil seal. Refer to page 7 – 29 of the ’96-00 service manual or page 7-27 of the ’01 service manual. 4. Reinstall the transmission. 5. Reinstall the drain plug with a new sealing washer. 6. Refill the transmission with the appropriate fluid. 7. 2001 models only. Do the idle learn procedure: Make sure all electrical items (A/C, audio unit, defogger, lights, etc.) are turned off, then start the engine. Let the engine warm up to its normal operating temperature (the cooling fan cycles twice). Let the engine idle (throttle fully closed with all electrical items turned off) for 10 minutes. 8. 2001 2-door EX and LX models only. Drive the vehicle above 40 mph for 5 to 10 minutes with the cruise control on. (This lets the cruise control actuator learn how much slack there is in the throttle cable.)


FORD: LINCOLN: 2002-2006 Explorer 2003-2005 Aviator 2003-2006 Expedition 2003-2006 Navigator MERCURY: 2002-2006 Mountaineer This article supersedes TSB 05-15-5 to update the 3. Do not use a damaged seal installation tool vehicle model years, Parts, and Service Procedure. exhibiting nicks, burrs, or sharp edges. NOTE ISSUE THE USE OF SEAL PROTECTOR 1L2W-4N206-AA Some 2003-2006 Expedition/Navigator, 2002-2006 IS NO LONGER REQUIRED. Explorer 4dr/Mountaineer, and 2003-2005 Aviator vehicles equipped with the 8.8? or 9.75? ring gear 4. Do not tap directly on the back of the seal and independent rear suspension (IRS), may exhibit installation tool, always tap on the handle, per leaks at the rear halfshaft axle seals. A new Instruction Sheet. Seal should be driven evenly unitized seal is now available for service. The new into housing bore with only enough force to seal design eliminates the need to use seal seat in the bore. protectors during installation. Removal of the excluder seal (1L2W-1N013-BA) if present is 5. Before installing the halfshaft, verify that the required. inboard excluder seal (1L2W-1N013-BA) is not present on the halfshaft. If the excluder seal is ACTION present, follow the kit Instruction Sheet and Order and install the new seal kit to correct the leak remove the excluder seal. condition. Review the updated instruction sheet NOTE included in the kit and obtain the required tools before beginning repair. OVERFILLING THE AXLE CAN INCREASE POTENTIAL FOR LEAKS. INSTALLATION SERVICE TIPS PART NUMBER PART NAME Refer to the appropriate Workshop Manual, Section 7L1Z-4A109-B Axle Shaft Seal Kit (9.75 Axle) 205-02 for half shaft removal and installation. 7L1Z-4A109-C Axle Shaft Seal Kit (8.8 Axle) NOTE IN THE WORKSHOP MANUAL UNDER THE HALF WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under Provisions Of SHAFT REMOVAL/INSTALLATION SECTION New Vehicle Limited THERE ARE ADDITIONAL PARTS CALLED OUT Warranty Coverage THAT ARE REQUIRED TO BE REPLACED. OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME THESE PARTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE 062205A 2003-2006 0.8 Hr. AXLE SHAFT SEAL KIT LISTED. Expedition/Navigator: Replace Rear Axle (Stub) 1. Use only the proper seal installation tool, Lisle Shaft Seal Includes Time Special Seal Installer (LIS 17850) available To Remove And Install through the Rotunda Technician Tool Program. Halfshaft One Side (Do Not Use With 4139A, 2. Ensure the seal installation tool is clean and 4139A2) free of debris prior to inserting into new seal.

2001 Subaru Legacy GT Sedan AWD F4-2.5L SOHC Steering and Suspension, Wheel Bearing, Service and Repair Manual

1. Remove knuckle. Refer to Steering and Suspension. 2. Using ST1 and ST2, remove hub from rear housing. 3. Remove back plate from rear housing. 4. Using a standard screwdriver, remove outer and inner oil seals. CAUTION: Use new oil seals. 5. Using flat bladed screwdriver, remove snap ring. 6. Using ST1 and ST2, remove bearing by pressing inner race. ST1 927430000 HOUSING STAND ST2 927440000 BEARING REMOVER CAUTION: * Do not remove bearing unless damaged. * Do not re-use bearing after removal. 7. Remove tone wheel bolts and remove tone wheel from hub (only vehicle equipped with ABS). 8. Using ST, press hub bolt out. ST 927080000 HUB STAND. CAUTION: Be careful not to hammer hub bolts. This may deform hub. INSPECTION Check the removed parts for wear and damage. If defective, replace with a new one. CAUTION: * If a bearing is faulty, replace it as the bearing set. * Be sure to replace oil seal at every overhaul. ASSEMBLE 1. Using ST, press new hub bolt into place. CAUTION: * Ensure hub bolt closely contacts hub. * Use a 12 mm (0.47 inch) hole in the ST to prevent hub bolt from tilting during installation.

2007 TOYOTA TUNDRA W/ Tracks Deuce Installation Manual

Remove cargo rail end plugs: At the tailgate push in on the plug lock and at the same time push the end plug out of the track. 2 Next remove tie downs: If tie down are installed remove them from the cargo rail. 3 1 3 2 4 4 Install clamps in cargo rail as shown below: After clamps and tie downs are installed replace the cargo rail end plugs. Leave clamps loose for now. Next repeat steps 1 through 4 for the passenger side clamp installation. 5 Tailgate end Position clamp here Front of box Position tie down here Position clamp here Position clamp here Position tie down here Position clamp here Four clamps per side needed. Continue with step 8 in the main Deuce manual. 2007 TOYOTA TUNDRA W/TRAcks DeUce INsTALLATION INsTRUcTIONs Install Deuce Rail: With the tailgate closed, position the TruXedo rail along the inside edge of the truck box. Compress the rear seal against the tailgate as shown. Tighten clamps against the rail. See step seven for proper clamp height. leave clamps loose for now 7 Tighten clamp assemblies securely on side rails before driving vehicle. ! The TruXedo rail will be positioned at this height. Clamp height is correct at this setting. Next install the front striker bracket: From one end of the front cargo rail remove the plastic insert plug. Next slide the striker bracket assembly into the cargo rail. See step nine for additional information

2001-2008 GM 1500/2500 Series Pick-Up Edelbrock Header Installation Manual

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS DISASSEMBLY 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. 2. Unbolt exhaust pipes from manifolds. RIGHT SIDE 1. Disconnect and remove spark plug wires. 2. Unbolt and remove dipstick tube. 3. Unbolt and remove manifold from top. 4. Install flange gasket and header from top. Install header bolts, lock washers, and thick flat washers supplied. Note: Ensure proper alignment on slotted holes of port flange and only snug bolts at this time. 5. Re-install spark plug wires. 6. Re-install dipstick tube. 7. Some models may require the aluminum heat shield under the A/C receiver dryer to be re-positioned, adjusted or bent to gain some clearance between header and heat shield. LEFT SIDE 1. Disconnect and remove spark plug wires. 2. Unbolt and remove manifold. 3. Install flange gasket and header from top. Install header bolts, lock washers, and thick flat washers supplied, ensure proper alignment and only snug bolts at this time. IMPORTANT NOTE: Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer. Improper installation will void warranty and may result in poor performance and engine or vehicle damage.
©2007 Edelbrock Corporation Catalog #65022 & 65023 Page 2of 2 Brochure #63-0364 Rev. 8/07 – DA/mc Edelbrock Corporation, 2700 California St., Torrance, CA 90503 Tech Line: 1-800-416-8628 Office: 310-781-2222 Tech Fax: 310-972-2730 E-Mail: 2. Using supplied hardware, re-attach the factory exhaust pipes to the headers and tighten bolts evenly to ensure a tight seal. ( Note: The 7/16 x 2 bolts are to be used on 4.8L, 5.3L, & some 6.0L V8s. The 7/16 x 1 ¾ are for the left side of 4.8L & 5.3L V8s, and on the 6.0L V8 that do not have OEdonut gaskets. 3. After the factory exhaust pipes have been tightened to the collector flange of the header, tighten the port flange bolts to recommended factoryspecifications. FINAL INSPECTION 1. Check all lines (hydraulic, vacuum, air conditioning and fuel) to ensure there is adequate clearance to headers. 2. Re-connect battery. 3. At this point, it is a good idea to look everything over and make sure that nothing was missed in assembly. 4. Start vehicle and bring up to normal operating temperature. Check for possible leaks. 5. Turn engine off and let cool. Tighten all bolts again. Note: Thick washers are to be used on slotted holes of port flange. 4. Re-install spark plug wires. Note: Due to production tolerance, it may be necessary to bend the motor mount heat shield for better clearance. ASSEMBLY OF EXHAUST PIPE Note: Some 2007 model year vehicles will have a donut gasket on the right side OE exhaust manifold. If your vehicle has that donut gasket, it will be re-used with your shorty headers (see below). This system comes with 2 exhaust crush rings. On 2001- 2006 4.8L & 5.3L V8s, one will be used on the left side collector. On 2001-2006 6.0L vehicles will use one on the left side and one on the right side to replace factory-installed crush rings. 1. On 4.8L, 5.3L, &6.0L V8s with donut gasket – Remove the donut gasket from right side exhaust manifold. Using a pair of pliers, remove the retaining ring from the donut gasket and place the donut gasket in flare of factory exhaust pipe.