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Toyota V6 Adapter Plate Installation Manual


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Apply silicone to face of single or dual transfer case assembly. Install adapter plate on face of transfer case, using 4 M10-1.25×35 bolts (provided). We recommend applying blue LocTite® to threads before installation. Torque four plate bolts to 30 ft. lbs. Step 2 Install M-10-1.25×30 allen head bolt using blue Loc- Tite® torque to 30 ft. lbs. Step 3 Remove rear transmission seal using a seal remover or claw hammer. Step 4 Step 5 Install M-10-1.25x 35 bolt using blue LocTite® torque to 30 ft. lbs. Using degreaser, clean the rear transmission seal sur- face. Step 6
Ensure two dowels are in place in the transmission. If dowels are in the transfer case move them to the trans- mission. Step 8 Step 11: Apply silicone to rear face of transmission Slide coupler into place on the back of the transmis- sion. Step 7 Step 9 Step 10 Apply silicon to smaller end of seal adapter Install Seal Adapter into rear of transmission. Gently seat seal adapter into place using rubber mallet Step 11 After Assembling Adapter Plate & T/Case(s): Install replacement v6 dual transfer case crossmember Reconnect 4 wheel drive indicator (This may require cutting and splicing connector from original case) 1988-1991 Application, reconnect speedometer cable (Use speedometer extension cable for dual case applications) 1992-1995 Application will need a replacement VSS for the transfer case Reattach front and rear drive shafts (drive shaft lengths may need to be changed) Fill transfer case with 90W GL5 gear oil, check gear oil level in transmission Reinstall transfer case shifter and boot Drain and replace transfer case oil after first 1,000 miles and every 30,000 thereafter Full synthetic gear oil may be used. Step 12 Using 6 of the 9 stock bolts, 1 allen head bolt and 2 M10-1.25×35 bolts, attach transfer case to transmission. Use blue LocTite® on all bolts. Tighten bolts to 30 ft. lbs. The second allen head bolt should be installed in position shown on the upper right (passenger) side. Step 13 These instructions are designed as a general installation guide. Installation of many Trail-Gear Products require specialized skills such as metal fabrication, welding and mechanical trouble shooting. If you have any questions or are unsure about how to proceed, please contact our shop at 559-252-4950 or seek help from a competent fabricator. Using fabrication tools such as welders, torches and grinders can cause serious bodily harm and death. Please operate equipment carefully and observe proper safety procedures. Rock crawling and off-road driving are inherently dangerous activities. Some modifications will adversely affect the on-road handling characteristics of your vehicle. All products sold by Trail-Gear Inc are sold for off road use only. Any other use or application is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or user. Some modifications and installation of certain aftermarket parts may under certain circumstances void your original dealer warranty. Modification of your vehicle may create dangerous conditions, which could cause roll-overs resulting in serious bodily injury or death. Buyers and users of these products hereby expressly assume all risks associated with any such modifications and use.