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Ford Triton 4.6L, 5.4L, and 6.8L Spark Plug Thread Repair Manual


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CAUTION: If spark plug thread repair is being done in vehicle make sure the piston is 1/3 – 1/2 way down the bore on the down stroke. This will ensure the valves are closed to help reduce contamination and avoid any interference with the core drill. Cleaning and Identifying the Head Type 1. Remove spark plug from a good spark plug hole, chuck the FT5FTCB brush supplied in the kit into a slow speed drill, and clean the bottom of the hole. Note: If procedure is being done in vehicle clean hole using a vacuum cleaner to remove debris . Gauge the spark plug hole using FT5CG Tooling Type Gauge; this is to be used as a comparison when gauging the defective spark plug hole in step number 4. Pull down on the gauge until the snap ring seats against the top of the probe. 2. Perform Steps 2 through 4 to determine cylinder head Type: Cleaning: Identifying: Caution: Do not use the brush to clean the hole after the repair insert has been installed. 3 of 14 3. Push the gauge down into the spark plug well until it seats firmly at the bottom. Make sure that the upper part of the tool is up high enough to allow the gauge to reach the bottom of the hole. Allow the upper alignment bushing to center the tool in the hole. Let the rod float in the upper alignment bushing without tightening the thumb screw. 4. Pull the gauge up out of the well and read the chart on the side of the gauge by comparing the portion of the gauge that is exposed when pushed into the the spark plug hole to determine if the head is Type 1, 2, or 3. Note: the difference between Type 1 and Type 3 is small. Double check to make sure the reading repeats. If your gauge readings are in question remove another spark plug from a good hole and compare gauge readings.