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gm stepper motor replacement instructions

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2005 Chevy Truck Silverado 1500 2WD Blower Motor Resistor Replacement

Blower Motor Resistor Replacement Notes BLOWER MOTOR RESISTOR REPLACEMENT REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. If equipped, remove the IP sound insulator. 2. Disconnect the electrical connection from the blower motor . 3. Disconnect the electrical connection from the blower motor resistor 4. Remove the blower motor resistor retaining screws. 5. Remove the blower motor resistor. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. Install the blower motor resistor. NOTE: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions. 2. Install the blower motor resistor retaining screws. Tighten Tighten the screws to 1.6 N.m (14 lb in) . 3. Connect the electrical connection to the blower motor resistor. 4. Connect the electrical connection to the blower motor . 5. If equipped, install the IP sound insulator.


DESCRIPTION: Kit contains a replacement outlet elbow to downpipe gasket as is used in Edelbrock Turbo Kits #1500, 1501, 1502, 1503, and 1504, for use when removing and replacing the downpipe for exhaust maintenence, engine maintenence, etc. INSTALLATION 1. Remove the down-pipe in the reverse order of installation as shown in your Edelbrock Turbo Kit instructions. 2. Make sure all gasket mating surfaces are clean and free of grease or oil, and make sure any old gasket material has been removed before installing the new gaskets. 3. Install the new gasket and install the down-pipe as shown in your Edelbrock Turbo Kit instructions

2001 Chevy Truck S10/ T10 Blazer Intake Manifold Replacement (Upper) Removal And Installation Manual

Intake Manifold Replacement (Upper) Notes Intake Manifold Replacement – Upper Removal Procedure Important: The upper intake does not have to be removed to remove the lower intake manifold. 1. Disconnect the breather tube at the air cleaner outlet duct 2. Remove the air cleaner outlet duct retaining wingnut. 3. Disconnect the IAT sensor harness connector 4. Remove the air cleaner outlet duct from the throttle body. 5. Disconnect the accelerator cable from the throttle body 6. Remove the accelerator cable from the accelerator control cable bracket. 7. Disconnect the cruise control cable, if equipped from the throttle shaft and the accelerator cable bracket. 8. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the intake manifold for the vacuum tank. 9. Remove the power brake booster vacuum hose. 10. Disconnect the following electrical connectors: * The A/C compressor clutch (1) * The A/C compressor cutoff switch (5), if equipped * The Throttle Position (TP) sensor (2) * The Idle Air Control (IAC) motor (3) 11. Disconnect the following electrical connectors: * The fuel meter body assembly (1) * The Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor(3) * The EVAP canister purge solenoid valve (2) 12. Remove the engine wire harness clip from the accelerator cable bracket. 13. Move the engine wiring harness aside. 14. Remove the accelerator cable bracket from the throttle body and the intake manifold. 15. Remove the accelerator and cruise control cable bracket from the throttle body. Leave the accelerator and cruise control cables on the bracket16. Remove the PCV valve hose assembly from the intake manifold and the valve rocker arm cover. 17. Remove the bracket for the engine wiring harness from the intake manifold stud. 18. Remove the fuel lines from the fuel meter body assembly. 19. Remove the EVAP canister purge solenoid valve.

VIS Motor Gasket Replacement Guidelines REPAIR PROCEDURE

REPAIR PROCEDURE INSPECT VIS MOTOR GASKETS 1. Refer to Technical Alert TA02 1901 for information relating to troubleshooting VIS motor complaints. 2. If a VIS motor is removed for any reason, inspect the seal for damage. (Figure 1) 3. If no damage is evident, clean and install the used seal to the VIS motor. 4. If the seal is damaged, install a new seal.

Windshield Wiper Linkage Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions 1. Place the Wiper Motor Mount Plate (FFR# 25391) along the edge of the ¾” shock tower support tube on the passenger side and the top of the footbox front wall aluminum. Mark the location for the riv nuts (4 total). 2. Drill the riv nut holes using a 25/64″ drill bit. You may want to begin by using a smaller drill bit to drill a pilot hole first (shown). 3 3. Intsall the 1/4″ riv nuts (4) using the supplied riv nut tool. 4. Install one of the rod ends (FFR# 25724) with the supplied jam nut (FFR# 25725) onto the wiper motor arm (1/2″, 9/16″ wrenches). You will have to trim some of the excess thread off of the rod end in order for it to have sufficient clearance between it and the wiper motor mount plate. 4 5. Place the wiper motor in the mount plate (FFR# 25391) so the pins on the motor fit inside the holes in the mount plate and the three threaded holes in the motor line up with the corresponding holes in the mount plate. 6. Using the three Corvette screws that held the motor in place, fasten the motor to the mount plate (T- 30 Torx). 7. Place a nylon spacer (FFR# 10960) between the frame and the mount plate at each of the riv nuts and bolt the plate into positon using the supplied ¼”-20 x 1.5″ long bolts (4mm allen).
6 ATTENTION: For the bolt at the front corner of the plate, you may have to use the supplied washers as well as the nylon spacer to prevent the bolt from bottoming out before the plate is firmly in place (See photo). 8. Screw the supplied section of threaded rod (FFR# 25723) into the rod end on the wiper motor. 7 9. Slide the aluminum tube (FFR# 25934) over the threaded rod and measure how much of the aluminum tube will need to be trimmed once the rod end is screwed on. Trim the tubing with a tubing cutter/hacksaw/cutoff wheel. 10. As you did with the rod end on the wiper motor, you will have to trim the threads on the rod end to clear the aluminum. 11. Place the aluminum tube over the threaded rod, then screw the rod end (FFR# 25724) onto the rod until tight. 12. Before installing the wheel box to the body you will have to trial fit the wiper arm to the wheel box. It is a tight fit, so you may have to spray the splines with some WD-40 or some oil and tap the wiper arm onto the splines. Remove the wiper arm from the wheelbox so you can bolt it to the body. 8 13. Follow the instructions in the assembly manual for bolting the wheelbox to the body. 14. Install the rod end on the wiper wheel box arm with the supplied jam nut (FFR# 25725) (1/2″, 9/16″ wrenches). 15. Install the wiper blade (FFR# 25629) onto the wiper arm (FFR# 25552). 16. Clip the wiper arm onto the shaft of the wiper wheel box, making sure that the tab on the arm clips into the channel on the wheel box shaft (clip shown). 9 17. Spray the windshield with water, or glass cleaner. Check the sweep by turning the wipers on – start with the slowest setting to avoid damaging the linkage or running the wiper beyond the windshield. Make any necessary adjustments, and the linkage installation is complete