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honda odyssey p0430

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Honda Navigation System Information and DVD Information and Inspection Manual

REVISION SUMMARY •Under BACKGROUND, more sources for navigation service and user information are listed. •Under DVD LABEL COLOR IDENTIFICATION BY MODEL, the Latest DVD Version available is updated. •Under REPLACING THE NAVIGATION CONTROL UNIT AND TRANSFERRING THE NAVIGATION DVD, a step was added to Save Users Memory when replacing the navigation control unit. •Under ENTERING THE ANTI-THEFT CODE, the instructions about obtaining the serial number from a navigation unit without removing it were clarified. •Under NAVIGATION SYSTEM PLATFORMS, HFL was added to the list of Distinguishing Features . BACKGROUND Use this information to avoid possible customer dissatisfaction issues caused by incorrect or outdated DVD installation. For more information about the navigation system and its operation, refer to the following resources: •Service Manual – Printed or on ISIS •Quick Start Guide •Online University – Use the keyword NAVI . •Navigation System Manual – Besides the one that comes with the vehicle, the navigation system manual is also available online. Select SEARCH BY PUBLICATION , select Consumer Information , select your applicable vehicle, then select Navigation Manual from the list. •Service Bulletins – Use the keyword NAVI . •ETM (electrical troubleshooting manual) This bulletin provides the following navigation system DVD service information: •DVD label color identification by model •Earliest DVD version application for each model •How to identify navigation DVD versions •Checking a DVD for damage •Ordering a DVD •Navigation DVD stocking concerns •DVD handling and cleaning •Installing a navigation DVD •Precaution on customer “sneak previews” of a newer navigation DVD version •Answering customer questions about navigation coverage and POI (point of interest) •Pitfalls when interchanging navigation DVD/parts during diagnosis •Replacing the navigation control unit and transferring the navigation DVD •Entering the anti-theft code •Navigation system platforms VEHICLES AFFECTED • 2003-09 Accord • 2005-07 Accord Hybrid • 2006-09 Civic • 2006-09 Civic Hybrid • 2007-09 CR-V • 2009 Element • 2009 Fit • 2000-09 Odyssey • 2003-09 Pilot • 2006-09 Ridgeline WARRANTY CLAIM INFORMATION None. This service bulletin is for information only. Refer to the flat rate manual whenever servicing or repairing the navigation system

HONDA Accord V6, Odyssey, Pilot Idle Vibration or Harsh Shifting Repair Manual

SYMPTOM There is a vibration at idle or harsh engagement when shifting the transmission between between Park, Drive, and Reverse. PROBABLE CAUSE The front hydraulic engine mount may have deteriorated and torn. PARTS INFORMATION Front Engine Mount Assembly: 1998-02 Accord V6 – P/N 50810-S87-A82, H/C 7981657 1999-04 Odyssey – P/N 50800-S0X-A04, H/C 7978927 2003-05 Pilot – P/N 50800-S3V-A82, H/C 7984560 WARRANTY CLAIM INFORMATION In warranty: The normal warranty applies. Failed Part: P/N 50810-S87-A81 H/C 5438593 Defect Code: 01102 Symptom Code: 04501 Skill Level: Repair Technician Out of warranty: Any repair performed after warranty expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone Office. You must request consideration, and get a decision, before starting work. DIAGNOSIS 1. Bring the engine up to operating temperature, and fully apply the parking brake. 2. Have an assistant view the top of the front engine mount while standing to the side of the vehicle. Shift the transmission to Drive. With your foot firmly on the brake pedal, quickly depress the accelerator pedal and release it. Your assistant should look for contact between the top of the engine mount and the bottom of the front engine mount bracket, and listen for noise from that area. REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Drive the vehicle onto a lift, but do not raise it. 2. Odyssey – Remove the intake manifold cover and the front ignition coil cover: •See page 9-4 of the 1999-04 Odyssey Service Manual. •Online, enter keyword INTAKE , and select Intake Manifold Removal and Installation from the list. 3. Odyssey – Remove the radiator cover: •See page 10-16 of the 1999-04 Odyssey Service Manual. •Online, enter keyword RADIATOR , and select Radiator and Fan Replacement from the list


INSTALLATION NOTE: Do not install seat cover to the front seats. 1. Push the knob to release the rear seat head rests shown. KNOB Push. REAR SEAT HEAD REST COVER REAR SEAT HEAD REST REAR SEAT HEAD REST BOTTOM SIDE 2009 ODYSSEY AUG 2008 AII 4023 cover onto the head rest from the bottom side as Improperly covering the front seat back can prevent from the rear seat. Install the rear seat head res 2. Install the rear left seat cover to the rear left seat in the following order ( ) . Push in. REAR LEFT SEAT REAR LEFT SEAT COVER REAR LEFT SEAT VELCRO FASTENER VELCRO FASTENER Push in. REAR RIGHT SEAT COVER REAR RIGHT SEAT VELCRO FASTENER VELCRO FASTENER REAR RIGHT SEAT Push in. 3. Install the rear right seat cover to the rear right seat in the following order ( ) . Install the headrests back onto the rear seats. Make sure the head rest button is not covered.


2. Remove the roof moldings by carefully lifting them upward. 3. If the front or rear retaining clips remained on the roof molding, remove them from the roof molding, and reinstall them in their original positions on the vehicle. Remove the remaining clips and set them aside; they will not be reused. 4. If necessary, remove the six center retaining clips, three on each side, from the stud bolts using long nose pliers. 4226090Y ROOF MOLDING ROOF REAR SIDE RETAINING CLIP RETAINING CLIP ROOF MOLDING RETAINING CLIP 4226100Y RETAINING CLIP STUD BOLT CLIP (Leave this in place.) CLIP (Leave this in place.) STUD BOLT LONG NOSE PLIERS INSTALLATION NOTE: •The weight of cargo must not exceed the maximum weight capacity of150 lb (68 kg). Be extremely careful not to damage the roof and other finished surfaces of the body when installing the roof rack. Do not interchange the front and rear parts or the right and left parts. 1. Place a shop towel around the tip of a flat-tip screwdriver, and pry up on the rear of each roof molding. 4226080Y ROOF MOLDING ROOF REAR SIDE FLAT-TIP SCREWDRIVER SHOP TOWEL


INSTALLATION Customer Information: The information in this installation instruction is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to correctly and safely add equipment to your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers.” 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, then write down the radio station presets. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 3. Open the sunglass holder, and remove the two 5 mm bolts. Insert a flat-tip screwdriver between the lens and roof console housing, and gently pry out the map light lens covers. Remove the two ground bolts. Pull out the roof console from the headliner. 4. Disconnect the two vehicle connectors and remove the roof console. 4713010B VEHICLE CONNECTORS ROOF CONSOLE LEFT MAP LIGHT LENS COVER 2 GROUND BOLTS 4 RETAINING TABS 4 RETAINING TABS RIGHT MAP LIGHT LENS COVER SUNGLASS HOLDER 2 BOLTS, 5 x 8 mm HEADLINER ANTENNA BUS CABLE XM TUNER ANTENNA CABLE 6402010B