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how to change oil filter housing gasket chevy malibu

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4T65E Transmission 1-2 Shift Shudder at Light to Moderate Acceleration (Replace Complete Second Clutch Assembly)

2001-2004 Buick Regal 2001-2005 Buick Century, LeSabre 2002-2007 Buick Rendezvous 2005-2007 Buick Terraza, LaCrosse, Allure (Canada Only) 2006-2007 Buick Lucerne 2001-2005 Chevrolet Venture 2001-2007 Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo 2005-2007 Chevrolet Uplander 2006-2007 Chevrolet Malibu SS, Malibu Maxx SS 2001-2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue 2001-2003 Oldsmobile Aurora 2001-2004 Oldsmobile Silhouette 2001-2005 Pontiac Aztek, Bonneville, Montana 2001-2007 Pontiac Grand Prix 2005-2007 Pontiac Montana SV6 2006-2007 Pontiac G6 GTP 2005-2007 Saturn Relay with 4T65E Automatic Transmission this service kit contains: Second Clutch Housing Fluid Seal Rings (613), a Second Clutch Assembly (617), a Case Cover (Channel Plate) Upper Gasket (430), and a Case Cover (Channel Plate) Lower Gasket (429). In addition to the content of this service kit, four other gaskets not included in this service kit will also be needed to complete the repair, a Control Valve Body Cover (Side Cover) Gasket (54), a Control Valve Body Cover (Side Cover) Inner Gasket (59), a Case Cover Lower Gasket (429), and a Case Cover Upper Gasket (430). These gaskets can be obtained by ordering service kit P/Ns 24206959 and 24206391. Be sure to use ONLY the Second Clutch Assembly and Second Clutch Housing Fluid Seal Rings provided in this service kit. DISCARD the Second Clutch Assembly and Second Clutch Housing Fluid Seal Rings removed from the transmission being serviced. Disassemble ONLY the Oil Pump Assembly from the Case Cover (Complete). DO NOT disassemble the Control Valve Body from the Case Cover. Remove ONLY the Case Cover-to- Case bolts to remove the Case Cover and Valve Body from Transmission Case AS AN ASSEMBLY . To access all Case Cover-to-Case bolts, it is necessary to remove the Pressure Control Solenoid Valve Assembly (322), and 1-2 & 3-4 Shift Solenoid Valve Assemblies (315A, 315B).

2003 Ford Excursion, F-Super Duty 250-550 Oil Filter Adapter Removal And Installation manual

Removal 1. Remove the LH engine mount. For additional 6. Disconnect the oil pressure switch electrical information, refer to Engine Mounts in this connector. section. 2. Drain the engine cooling system. For additional information, refer to Section 303-03. 3. Disconnect the coolant hoses. 7. Remove the oil pressure switch. 4. Remove the oil filter. 5. Remove the threaded insert and the oil cooler. 8. Disconnect the lower radiator hose. 2. Connect the lower radiator hose. 9. Remove the nut, the bolts, the oil filter adapter and the gasket. •Discard the gasket. 3. Install the oil pressure switch. 10. Clean the gasket surface at the cylinder block. Installation 1. Position the oil filter adapter gasket and the oil filter adapter. Install the nut and bolts. 4. Connect the oil pressure switch electrical connector. 7. Connect the coolant hoses. 5. NOTE: Make sure the tab on the oil filter adapter nests into the notch in the oil cooler. Position the oil cooler on the oil filter adapter and install the threaded insert. 8. Install the LH engine mount. For additional information, refer to Engine Mounts in this section. 9. Fill the engine with clean engine oil. 10. Fill and bleed the cooling system. For 6. Install a new oil filter. additional information, refer to Section 303-03

1994 Chevy Truck C 1500 Truck 2WD Tune-up and Engine Performance Checks/ Ignition-Timing Connector Location Change Manual

SUBJECT: TIMING CONNECTOR LOCATION CHANGE MODELS: 1994 CHEVROLET AND GMC C/K TRUCKS WITH GASOLINE ENGINES The timing connector, which can be disconnected to return engine timing to base for adjustment purposes, has been moved from the engine compartment to inside the cab. This new location is not currently reflected in the Service or Owner’s Manual. The new location is under the dash directly below the glove compartment. The tan/black wire is routed for a short distance outside of a large wiring harness. This large harness is routed between the heater blower motor and evaporator case. The timing connector is taped to the wire bundle (Figure 1)

Toyota Avalon, Camry, Camry Hybrid, Corolla, Highlander, Highlander CABIN AIR FILTER IDENTIFICATION / INSTALLATION MANUALHybrid, Matrix, Prius, RAV4, Sequoia, Tundra, Venza, Yaris

1. Open passenger side door. 2. Open glove compartment. 3. Remove screw holding damper rod in place on right side of glove compartment. 4. Detach damper rod from glove compartment. 5. Push in on left and right sides of glove compartment to release glove compartment. Filter Housing Cover 6. Flip down glove compartment. 7. Remove filter housing cover. Filter Housing Cover 8. Replace filter and reassemble

2007-2010 Toyota Tundra Intake Kit Installation Instructions

Complete kit with parts. Step 1 Install trim seal provided to auxilary on side. Install filter adaptor to new housing with button head screws provided and secure. Install new housing using screws and grommets from step 5. Step 6 Place air filter into housing and tighten using 5/16″ nut driver. Step 11 Complete stock intake. Step 2 With couplers and clamps provided, place onto new intake tube and install. Make sure 4-1/4″ coupler is on filter side and 3-1/2″ coupler is on throttle body side. Step 7 With button head screws provided tighten down housing cover with 5/32″ allen key. Re-Install engine cover. Step 12 Lift up and remove engine cover. Step 3 Remove MAF sensor from OE air box using phillps screwdriver. Re-install to new aFe tube with hardware provided (make sure gasket and nylon spacers are between tube and sensor) using flat head screwdriver.Install brass hose fitting. Step 8 Your installation is now complete. Check all clamps and hoses periodically. Thank you for choosing aFe! Step 13 With 5/16″ nut driver loosen both clamps on OE intake tube. Remove crankcase and vacuum line away from tube. Disconnect MAF sensor harness & remove. Step 4 Tighten clamps with 5/16″ nut driver. Take out OE crankcase line and replace with 1/2″ hose and clamp provided. Step 9 With 12mm socket with extension, loosen the 3 bolts and remove the OE air box out of vehicle. Note: Save 3 bolts and grommets for later install. Step 5 Connect 1/2″ hose to new tube and tighten clamp with flathead screwdriver. Re-connect MAF sensor harness and fuel regulator.