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how to remove 2003 subaru forester door panels how

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2003 HONDA CIVIC Door Panel Removal And Installation Manual

2003 CIVIC – Door Panel Removal/Installation Special Tools Required *KTC trim tool set SOJATP2014 *Trim pad remover, Snap-on A 177A or equivalent, commercially available 2-door NOTE: Use the appropriate tool from the KTC trim tool set to avoid damage when prying components. 1. If applicable, remove the regulator handle (A) by pulling the clip (B) out with a wire hook (C). 2. Remove the inner handle (A). Take care not to scratch the door panel. 3. Remove the switch panel (A) (power window model) or the pull pocket (B) (manual window model). -1 Pry out on the upper portion of the cover (B) to release the hooks (C, D), then remove the cover. -2 Remove the screws. -3 Pull the inner handle forward and out half-way to release the hook (E). -4 Disconnect the inner handle rod (F) and power door lock switch connector (G) (driver’s side for some models). – 1 Using a trim tool, pry the cap (C), then remove the screw (D) 4. Remove the screws (H) securing the door panel. 5. Remove the mirror mount cover. 6. Release the clips that hold the door panel (A) with a commercially available trim pad remover (B), then remove the door panel by pulling it upward. Remove the door panel with as little bending as possible to avoid creasing or breaking it. 7. Install the door panel in the reverse order of removal, and note these items: *Replace any damaged clips. *Make sure the connectors are plugged in properly, and the rod is connected properly. *Make sure the window and power door locks operate properly. *If applicable, install the regulator handle so it points forward and up at a 45 º angle with the glass fully closed

1994 Ford Town Car/ Crown Victoria/ Grand Marquis Trim Panels, Door Removal And Installation Manual

Trim Panels, Door Front Town Car The following procedure must be used during removal and installation of the door armrest and trim panel. Refer to the appropriate illustrations for component and vehicle model identification. Removal CAUTION: To avoid breakage of door pull cover(s), insert a screwdriver diagonally between pull strap and chrome bracket. Snap out both sides then remove. 1. Snap out two door pull strap retaining screw covers. Remove screws. 2. Remove two screws on front and rear side of front door trim panel. 3. Using the Trim Pad Removing Tool from Rotunda Moulding/Trim Kit 107-00401 or equivalent, pry the trim panel retaining clips from the door inner panel. NOTE: Do not use front door trim panel (23942) to remove trim clips from door inner panel. Replace any bent, damaged or missing push pins. 4. Remove window regulator control switch housing from back of front door trim panel . Lift up housing, remove retaining screws and disconnect all connectors. 5. Disconnect driver seat regulator control processor switch (driver door only) if equipped. 6. Twist out interior lamp wire assembly and remove the front door trim panel. Installation 1. Ensure plastic watershield is secured to door panel. 2. Position front door trim panel to door. Connect interior lamp wiring. 3. Position the window regulator control switch housing and connect switch connectors. 4. Connect driver seat regulator control processor (14C708) (driver door only) if equipped. 5. Align door lock side to its mating slide on the sheet metal (front doors only) 6. Snap in front door trim panel . Ensure all retainers fit properly. 7. Install two retaining screws on front and rear side of front door trim panel . 8. Install two retaining screws and pull strap covers. Removal 1. Remove outside rear view mirror remote control unit. 2. Remove window regulator control switch housing by gently prying up, starting at the front. 3. Disconnect all connectors from window regulator control switch housing. 4. Remove inside door handle cup (22634) by gently prying at screwdriver slot with a screwdriver. 5. Remove push pin from front door trim panel upper front extension and remove screw. 6. Remove lower self-tapping screw retaining front door trim panel to door inner panel. 7. On Grand Marquis only, pry up screw covers from door pull handle and remove screws and handle. 8. Lift front door trim panel upward and snap out trim panel. 9. Disconnect wire harnesses from door panel as required and remove front door trim panel . Installation 1. Connect wire harnesses to front door trim panel as required. 2. Install front door trim panel by pushing in and down until it snaps into place. 3. Install all self-tapping screws retaining front door trim panel to door inner panel. 4. On Grand Marquis only, install door pull handle, tighten screws and install screw covers. 5. Install push pin covering screw on trim panel upper front extension. 6. Install inside door handle cup . 7. Install window regulator control switch housing.

2004 FORD F150 Door Window Glass-Rear SuperCrew REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION MANUAL

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION 3. Remove the parts in the order indicated in the Door Window Glass — Rear, following illustration and table. SuperCrew To remove individual parts, only carry out the listed steps: NOTE: LH side is shown. RH side is similar. Part Steps 1. Remove the rear door trim panel. For additional Rear door window glass 1-4 information, refer to Section 501-00. Rear door window glass 1-7 regulator 2. Remove the rear door-mounted speaker. For additional information, refer to Section 415-00. Rear door window glass 1, 8 top run ItemPart NumberDescription ItemPart NumberDescription 4 1625712/ Rear door window glass 1 1625766/ Interior moulding (RH/LH) 1625713 (RH/LH) 1625767 Removal Note 2 1627458/ Watershield (RH/LH) 5 180103-14632 Window motor electrical 1627459 Removal Note connector Installation Note 6 W505421-S301Window regulator bolts (5 3 — Rear door window req’d) glass-to-regulator bolt (2 req’d) 7 1627000/ Window regulator assembly Removal Note 1627001 (RH/LH) (Continued) (Continued) Copyright © 2003, Ford Motor Company Last updated: 6/14/2004 2004 F150, 12/2003 501-00-2 501-00-2 Body System — Exterior REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION (Continued) Item 4: Rear Door Window Glass Removal ItemPart NumberDescription Note 8 1625766/ Rear door window glass top 1. Pull the glass out through the top inboard side 1625767 run (RH/LH) Removal Note of the door. 9 1625596/ Exterior moulding (right side) Item 8: Rear Door Window Glass Top Run 1625597 (RH/LH) Removal Note 4. To install, reverse the removal procedure. 1. Remove the glass top run through the top opening of rear door. Item 2: Watershield Removal Note Item 2: Watershield Installation Note 1. Do not tear or damage the watershield during disassembly. 1. Watershield must be installed so that edges have a weatherproof seal. Item 3: Rear Door Window Glass-to-Regulator Bolts Removal Note NOTE: Some vehicles may use rivets to attach the glass to the regulator. 1. If removing only the rear door glass regulator assembly and motor, secure the rear door glass in the full up position with tape.


BACK DOOR POWER WINDOW INOPERATIVE – EL007-06 June 14, 2006 Page 2 of 6 ITEM NO. SPECIAL SERVICE TOOLS (SSTs) PART NUMBER QTYDRW** 1 Plastic Pry Tool Set* NOTE: All components from this kit/set are required 00002-06000-01 1 21 *Essential SSTs. **Refers to drawer number in SST Storage System. NOTE: Additional SSTs may be ordered by calling SPX/OTC at 1-800-933-8335. 1. Disconnect the negative (-) terminal of the vehicle battery. NOTE: Any time the negative (-) battery terminal has been disconnected, systems requiring initialization will need to be re-initialized after the negative (-) battery terminal has been reconnected. 2. Open the back door and leave open. 3. Using the plastic pry tool, remove the back door garnish center. 4. Using the plastic pry tool, remove the left and right back door side garnish panels. Required SSTs Repair Procedure : 5 Clips : 3 Clips BACK DOOR POWER WINDOW INOPERATIVE – EL007-06 June 14, 2006 Page 3 of 6 5. Remove the strap cover, bolt, and pull strap. NOTE: To remove the strap cover, push it toward the back door window as shown in the illustration. 6. Remove the back door trim board. A. Insert the plastic pry tool between the back door trim board to release the clips retaining the back door trim. NOTE: Be careful NOT to damage the back door and back door trim board. B. Release each clip as shown in the illustration. 7. Disconnect both connectors to the back door ECU and both clips holding the wire harness to the large service cover. 8. Remove both of the back door service hole covers. For 2001 – 2004 model year Sequoia vehicles, go to step 11. For 2005 – 2006 model year Sequoia vehicles, continue to step 9. 9. For 2005 – 2006 model year Sequoia vehicles ONLY: Remove the multiplex network door ECU. Using a drill of less than 3.2 mm (0.126 in.), drill out the two (2) rivet heads. HINT: Gently and vertically put the drill to the rivets and cut the rivet flanges. CAUTION: Take care as the cut rivets may be HOT. 10. For 2005 – 2006 model year Sequoia vehicles ONLY: Install the replacement multiplex network door ECU and rivets


INSTALLATION Customer Information: The information in this installation instruction is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to correctly and safely add equipment to your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers.” 1. Temporarily install two bolts into each anchor “A” and four self-tapping screws into each anchor “B”. 2 Anchors “A” 2 Bolts 4 Self-tapping screws 2 BOLTS 2 ANCHORS “A” 4 SELF-TAPPING SCREWS 4 ANCHORS “B” Template “L” 08L96-SNA-1000-91 4 Anchors “B” Template “R” 2 Rivet nuts All 40266 Put this information in the glove box with the vehicle’s owner’s manual 2 of 5 All 40266 (0809) Open the trunk, and remove the two clips from the trunk side lining. 3. While wearing eye protection, drill the two clip holes in the right and left trunk side panels to 9 mm. Remove any burrs, and apply touch-up paint to each hole. TRUNK SIDE LINING TRUNK SIDE PANEL CLIPS (Discard.) TRUNK SIDE LINING DRILL DRILL BIT (9 mm) DRILL BIT Installing the Rivet nuts 4. Thread the rivet nut onto the mandrel of the rivet nut tool as shown. 5. Insert the rivet nut into the 9 mm hole in the vehicle panel. 6. While holding the rivet nut tool with the hex wrench, rotate the 19 mm wrench clockwise and install the rivet nut on the vehicle panel. RIVET NUT TOOL MANDREL RIVET NUT RIVET NUT VEHICLE PANEL Hold. HOLE DRILL BIT (9 mm) HOLE RIVET NUT TOOL RIVET NUT HEX WRENCH 27 mm WRENCH VEHICLE PANEL RIVET NUT RIVET NUT TOOL HEX WRENCH Fold the rear seat-back forward by pulling the levers under the rear parcel shelf. Remove the trunk floor mat (two clips). 5224093S 9. Install the two bolt/anchor “A” assemblies into the rivet nuts. ANCHOR “A” TRUNK SIDE LINING TRUNK SIDE PANEL RIVET NUT BOLTS BOLT/ANCHOR “A” ASSEMBLY 7. Remove the rivet nut tool from the rivet nut by turning the hex wrench counterclockwise. RIVET NUT TRUNK FLOOR MAT 2 CLIPS LEVERS REAR SEATBACK 8. Install a rivet nut into the other 9 mm hole using the above procedures. 11. Position template “R” on the right trunk side floor by aligning the clip with the hole and the edge parallel with the trunk side lining. Mark the floor using a felt-tip pen. Remove the template.