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how to replace toyota corolla bottom grill

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2009-10 Toyota Corolla Bolt Torque Installation Instructions

Toyota Corolla Installation Instructions BX3781 4 4 4. Just forward of the front tire underneath, using a 10MM socket, remove the two metric bolts (white arrows). Using a fl at screw driver, remove the push pin (gray arrow). Do this on both sides and set aside for later reinstallation. 5. Behind the fascia on the bottom of the bumper, are two push pins to remove from the fascia’s tabs. Remove with a fl at screw driver. Pull the fascia forward on both sides and set aside for later reinstallation. ‘ ‘ 7 7 7. Using a 14MM socket, remove the two bolts on each side of the bumper and take the bumper off. Set aside for later reinstallation. ‘ ‘ 5 5 ‘ ‘ 6. Remove the styrofoam. On the driver’s side only, using a fl at screw driver release the tabs from the top of the bumper and tie the wire loom up in the open area during baseplate installation. Remove the black shield on both sides. It will not be reinstalled. 8 8 ‘ ‘ 11. Slide the baseplate up between the frame rails, align with the existing hole on each side and clamp. 11 11 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 10. Move the bracket out of the way by sliding it up. Measure 7″ up. Reroute the wire up and reattach the bracket so that the bottom of it is 7″ up. 9 9 ‘ ‘ + 9. On the driver’s side pull the wiring out of the existing hole. Drill a hole in the frame rail under but connected with the existing hole using the 1 1/4″ hole saw on both sides. This hole will allow the installer to insert the nut plates inside of the frame rail. 10 A 10A

2000-2002 Toyota Corolla, Celica, MR2 Spyder, and ECHO DTC P1349 – VVTi ACTUATOR Repair Manual

TC P1349 – VVTi ACTUATOR – EG009-03 May 19, 2003 Page 3 of 4 1. Inspect the condition of the valve cover oil baffle as per TSB EG007-02. If camshaft or camshaft position sensor damage resulting from a bent baffle is identified, repair the damage as necessary. 2. Make sure the vehicle is in “PARK” with the engine idling. 3. Referring to the screen flow below, connect the Toyota Diagnostic Tester to the vehicle and select the VVT Control Bank One Active Test (VVT CTRL B1) from the Active Test Menu. 1: DATA LIST 2: DTC INFO 3: 4: SNAPSHOT 5: SYSTEM CHECK 6: RESET MEMORY 7: MONITOR INFO 8: CHECK MODE SELECT DATA B DIAGNOSTIC MENU ENGINE A C INJ VOL A/F CONTROL CAN CTRL VSV TANK BYPASS VSV EVAP VSV (ALONE) A/C MAG CLUTCH FUEL PUMP/SPD LINE PRESS UP VVT CTRL B1 Confirm that the Vehicle is Stopped And Engine Idling 3: ACTIVE TEST PRESS [ENTER] INJECTOR 3.5ms IGN ADVANCE 11.0deg CALC LOAD 22% MAF 3.68gm/s ENGINE SPD 684rpm COOLANT TEMP186.8F INTAKE AIR 129.2F THROTTLE POS 14% CTP SW ON VEHICLE SPEED0MPH O2S B1S2 0.82V AFS B1 S1 3.25V SHORT FT #1 1.5% LONG FT #1 5.4% TOTAL FT #1 1.08 E D VVT CTRL B1 OFF INJECTOR 8.3ms IGN ADVANCE 5.0deg CALC LOAD 0% MAF 0.00gm/s ENGINE SPD 0rpm COOLANT TEMP186.8F INTAKE AIR 129.2F THROTTLE POS 14% CTP SW ON VEHICLE SPEED0MPH O2S B1S2 0.33V AFS B1 S1 3.29V SHORT FT #1 -0.1% LONG FT #1 5.4% TOTAL FT #1 1.08 VVT CTRL B1 ON 4. Using the right arrow key, toggle the VVTi actuator “ON.” 5. If at this point the vehicle does not run rough and/or stalls when the active test is performed, proceed with Repair Manual P1349 VVTi Fault Isolation Procedure (FIP). If the vehicle does stall and/or runs rough, this indicates the the VVTi control system is operating. Proceed to replace the VVTi actuator following the repair procedures listed on the Technical Information System (TIS): Engine Mechanical Section, Camshaft, Replacement The camshaft timing gear should come in the unlocked position from the factory. If it is difficult to install the camshaft timing gear, the lock pin may be engaged. To disengage the lock pin, apply and hold approximately 20 psi of air pressure at the oil feed hole located 90 degrees clockwise of the oval slot. (See Figure 1.) Once the pin has released, turn the interior assembly counterclockwise. (See black arrow in Figure 1.) B. Put the camshaft timing gear assembly and the camshaft together with the straight pin off the key groove. C. Turn the camshaft timing gear assembly (as shown in Figure 2) while pushing it lightly against the camshaft. Push further at the position where the pin fits into the groove. NOTE: Be sure not to turn the camshaft timing gear to the retard angle side (in the clockwise direction). D. Check that there is no clearance between the end of the camshaft and the camshaft timing gear. E. Tighten the camshaft bolt with the camshaft timing gear fixed. Torque: 54 Nm (551 kgfcm, 40 ftlbf) F. Check that the camshaft timing gear assembly can move to either side and is not locked

2000-2004 Toyota Sequoia Lower Grille Installation Manual

1. Decided you want to customize the look of your Toyota Sequoia? This is what you are looking at now and below is the improvement that this grille will make. 2. Tools Required: Gloves- for your hands sake (there might be some sharp edges), a towel (or something soft to lay your grille onto), needle nose pliers, and maybe some sheers. 3. Identify the FRONT side of the grille. The back side has the stamping droop. We try to label the back with a sticker, if you have trouble getting it off try some rubbing alcohol. 4. Test the fitment of the grille in the lower opening of the Sequoia. Notice that there is a top and bottom as well to the shape of the grille. 5. If you need to do some fine tuning, remove the grille, take off a portion of the push-on edge guard and trim the grille with a pair of sheers. Then reinstall the edge guard and test again. This is generally not a required step. 6. With the grille located into place now and the fit is good, you need to open your hood. 7. With the hood up your hands can reach the back-side of the black plastic mesh grille that came on your sequoia. 8. Place the grille into position and with one of your hands hold it in position. With the other hand insert a zip-tie from the back of the grill in three locations (one on both sides and one in the middle). After you insert the zip-tie with the lug of the zip-tie on the inside (behind the grille), then feed it back through, tighten it up and clip off the extra zip-tie. 9. To keep clean we recommend Aluminum Polish that can be purchased at auto parts stores. It only requires hand polishing. This is an aftermarket automotive component and thus we make no warranty for any part of the vehicle. Use at your own risk

Toyota Corolla Repair Manual 2003-2005

repair and service manual covers Toyota Corolla, all US and Canadian models, 2003-2005. (Note: this manual does NOT include information specific to XRS models).

Table of Contents

Introduction: About this manual | Introduction | Vehicle identification numbers | Maintenance techniques, tools and working facilities | Buying parts | Jacking and towing | Booster battery (jump) starting | Conversion factors | Automotive chemicals and lubricants | Safety first! | Troubleshooting

2009 Toyota Corolla TWM Performance Short Shifter Installation Manual

1. Unscrew the shift knob by rotating it counter clockwise and put it in a safe place for re-install later. 2. Pull the shift boot up over the plastic shift boot retainer. 3. Pull up the shift boot console from both sides to pop it off the center console, do not remove it at this time simply pop it off the main console Continue the shift boot console removal by pulling on the plastic part that goes up the sides of the climate controls as shown. These parts need to be pulled off with some force but are left in place for now, just disconnect them. 5. With the side plastic pieces popped free you now have access to a Phillips head screw on each side of the console. Remove these screws using a Phillips head screwdriver. Put the screws aside in a safe place for re-install later. 6. Disconnect the white clip for the lighter under the shift boot console by pulling down on the white plastic part Remove the shift boot console from the car and put it aside in a safe place for re-install later. 8. Open the center storage compartment. Using a flat head screwdriver, pry up on the middle part of the center console as shown on the pictures to the left. There are grooves where a flat head screwdriver can be inserted to pry up. Slide the e-brake boot over the e- brake lever as shown to the left. 10. Remove the middle part of the center console as pictured to the left. Put it aside in a safe place for re-install later. 11. Remove the small mat from the center compartment to gain access to the two 10mm bolts at the bottom of the compartment. You can unbolt these using a 10mm socket with a ratchet and a ratchet extension. Place the two bolts aside in a safe place for re-install later