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landcruiser 200 kdss suspension adjustment

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TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 200 SERIES with KDSS Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System Installation manual

1) Hoist vehicle, and allow wheels to hang freely. 2) Locate the KDSS Control Valve Assembly (Fig.1), Positioned under the vehicle, just beside the chassis rail, forward of the left rear wheel. 3) Use 5mm Hex key to loosen anti-clockwise both shutter valve screws 3 full turns. (Fig.2) DO NOT REMOVE SHUTTER VALVE SCREWS OR OPEN ANY FURTHER. * Optional : The black metal cover may be removed to allow better access to the shutter valve screws. (Fig.2) 4) The KDSS shutter valve is now open, allowing full movement of front and rear anti-roll bars. It is now safe to remove and install suspension components. DO NOT START OR OPERATE THE VEHICLE WITH SHUTTER VALVES OPEN. 5) When suspension works are complete, lower vehicle onto level ground, then close BOTH shutter valve screws fully by turning clockwise and tightening. Reinstall control valve cover if removed. This operation is now complete

1999 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas SUSPENSION ADJUSTMENTS And Installation Manual

ADJUSTMENTS & INSPECTION WHEEL ALIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS & PROCEDURES HUB BEARING PRELOAD Hub bearing preload is controlled by shim adjustment between hub assembly and hub outer bearing. Shims are available in various thicknesses. Checking 1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel assembly. Clamp dial indicator mount to hub carrier. Ensure dial indicator pointer contacts hub flange. 2. Using 2 levers between hub and hub carrier, press hub outward. Note reading on dial indicator. The difference between dial indicator readings is preload of hub bearing. For adjustment, see HUB CARRIER under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. REAR SUSPENSION HEIGHT 1. Ensure vehicle has full fuel tank, all fluids are topped off and tire pressures correct. Roll vehicle about 30 feet on a level surface. Measure distance between differential support plate at both sides and ground. See Fig. 2 . 2. Height measurement for coupe and convertible. If height is not within specification, check all bushings and replace as necessary. If bushings are okay, replace rear springs. NOTE: See SPECIFICATIONS & PROCEDURES article in WHEEL ALIGNMENT. 1999 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas 1999-2000 SUSPENSION’ ‘Rear Fig. 2: Measuring Rear Suspension Height Courtesy of JAGUAR CARS, INC. REMOVAL & INSTALLATION “A” FRAME Removal 1. Raise vehicle and support with stands. Remove “A” frame to final drive unit rear bracket securing bolts and front bracket inner securing nuts and bolts. See Fig. 3 . 2. Position a suitable wood and jack under final drive unit drive flange, operate jack to support final drive unit. Unscrew and remove both “A” frame outer bush to body and bracket securing bolts. See Fig. 4 . Unscrew and remove “A” frame left and right outer bush bracket to body securing bolts. 3. Lower jack approximately one inchto improve access. Unscrew and remove “A” frame to final drive unit front bracket intermediate securing bolts. Unscrew and remove “A” frame to final drive unit fron

Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 TD Cable harness installation Manual

Cable harness installation Localize the plug from the cable which goes up from the magneticvalve. Open the 2pole plug (ill.6). There are two different kinds of connection. You can see the difference in the form of the connector plugs. For this reason we deliver two different adapter cables (DN A53 and DN A54). Please send us the unnecessary adapter cable back. Connect the right adapter cable between the connector plugs. Connect the power supply at the vehicle battery (ill.7). Move the cable if possibly splash water protected and avoid attaching in hot engine parts. Put the PDI module on the Sub-D connection. 3. Settings -fine adjustment The system is preset. Normally you will not need to adjust the module. If you want to increase or reduce the power performance, you will only need to place the jumper to the left (increased efficiency) or to the right (reduced power performance). Please contact the manufacturer, before changing the jumper settings. Now fit the cover back on. The vehicle is ready for a test drive. To restore the standard state, you must remove only the PDI module. The adapter cable can remain connected.

Honda Clunk or Squeak From Rear Suspension Repair Manual

REPAIR PROCEDURE NOTE: ISIS online service manual information is only available for vehicles 1990 and newer. 1. Remove the rear trailing arm: •Refer to the suspension section of the appropriate service manual, or •Online, enter keyword REAR SUSPENSION, then select Suspension Arms Replacement from the list. 2. Mark the trailing arm at the arrow on the bottom of the bushing 3. Place the arm on a hydraulic press, supported by the hub base, with the spindle facing up. 4. With the hub driver, press the old bushing out of the trailing arm. 5. Install the new bushing with the short end toward the outside of the vehicle. Align the arrow with the mark you made on the trailing arm. 6. Press the new bushing into the trailing arm until its edge is 10 to 12 mm above the surface of the arm. 7. Reinstall the trailing arm. 8. If necessary, repeat steps 1 thru 7 to install a new bushing in the other rear trailing arm. 9. Bleed the brake system: •Refer to the brakes section of the appropriate service manual, or •Online, enter keyword BLEED, then select Brake System Bleeding from the list. 10. Check the wheel alignment, and adjust it if needed: •Refer to the suspension section of the appropriate service manual, or •Online, enter keyword WHEEL ALIGNMENT, then select Wheel Alignment – Rear Toe Inspection/Adjustment from the list

2001 Subaru Legacy GT Sedan AWD F4-2.5L SOHC Steering and Suspension, Wheel Bearing, Service and Repair Manual

1. Remove knuckle. Refer to Steering and Suspension. 2. Using ST1 and ST2, remove hub from rear housing. 3. Remove back plate from rear housing. 4. Using a standard screwdriver, remove outer and inner oil seals. CAUTION: Use new oil seals. 5. Using flat bladed screwdriver, remove snap ring. 6. Using ST1 and ST2, remove bearing by pressing inner race. ST1 927430000 HOUSING STAND ST2 927440000 BEARING REMOVER CAUTION: * Do not remove bearing unless damaged. * Do not re-use bearing after removal. 7. Remove tone wheel bolts and remove tone wheel from hub (only vehicle equipped with ABS). 8. Using ST, press hub bolt out. ST 927080000 HUB STAND. CAUTION: Be careful not to hammer hub bolts. This may deform hub. INSPECTION Check the removed parts for wear and damage. If defective, replace with a new one. CAUTION: * If a bearing is faulty, replace it as the bearing set. * Be sure to replace oil seal at every overhaul. ASSEMBLE 1. Using ST, press new hub bolt into place. CAUTION: * Ensure hub bolt closely contacts hub. * Use a 12 mm (0.47 inch) hole in the ST to prevent hub bolt from tilting during installation.