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1993 Mercedes Benz 190E Drive Belt Tensioner Service and Repair Manual


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Service and Repair Notes NOTE : The belt tensioning device has been modified during production, tensioner version may vary from one vehicle to another. Early engines may be retrofit with later tensioners but requires additional parts. PROCEDURE Remove Poly V-Belt . On Tensioning Devices Without Shock Absorber NOTE : The 1st design of the tensioning device was without a shock absorber. Unbolt fixing bolt (25). Tightening torque: With 19mm hex head 75 Nm (55 ft lbs) . With 17mm hex head 80 Nm (59 ft lbs) . Remove belt tensioner.

1984 Mercedes Benz 190E Fuel Delivery and Air Induction Engine Testing And Adjustment Manual


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Note: Test and adjust lambda control with a lambda control tester. The lambda control and the idle speed emissions level must not be tested when the engine is very hot, e.g. immediately after driving sharply or after measuring engine output on the dynamometer. Testing, adjusting 1 Complete measurement sheet. 2 Switch off air conditioning or automatic climate control. Move selector lever into position “P”. 3 Read out DTC memory. Note: Not available on model year 1984-1986. 4 Connect testers: oil remote thermometer (018)124 589 07 21 00 lambda control tester (012) twin socket (031) trigger clamp (011) exhaust probe (005)126 589 11 63 00 CO measuring instrument (006) engine tester with oscilloscope (030) multimeter (003) test cable (033)102 589 04 63 00. 5 Position extraction device (014) at exhaust tail pipe. 6 Check engine coolant level, adjust to correct level. 7 Check engine oil level, pay attention to condition of oil (visual inspection). 8 Take off air cleaner. 9 Check ease of movement and condition of throttle control linkage and throttle valve. Grease all bearing points and ball sockets. 10 Check fulcrum lever, adjust. Check whether the roller (15) in the fulcrum lever (13) is resting free of tension against end stop. Adjust fulcrum lever (13) with the connecting rod (2), if necessary, so that the roller (15) is resting free of tension against end stop. 11 Idle stop. Check whether the throttle valve is resting against idle stop. Disconnect connecting rod (2) for this step. Adjust throttle control. Engines with cruise control only. Check whether the actuator is resting against idle stop of cruise control by pressing the lever of the actuator clockwise against idle stop at cruise control. When attaching the connecting rod (21), ensure that the lever of the actuator is lifted approx. 1 mm off the idle stop at the cruise control. Adjust tie rod, if necessary. Adjust throttle control. 12 Check wide open throttle stop from the accelerator pedal , adjust. 13 Voltages Test (battery and ignition coil ): No-load voltage Connect voltmeter to the battery, paying attention to the polarity, and take reading of voltage. Specification: 12.2 volts . Ignition coil Switch on ignition with engine not running. Test the voltage terminal 15 to ground at contact 5 of diagnostic connector. Specification: battery voltage Test difference in voltage between terminal 15 and terminal 1 at contacts 5 and 4 of diagnostic connector. Specification: 0 volts If the specified values are not reached, test

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