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rav4 drivers side window regulator replacement instructions

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2006 Saturn ION L4-2.2L VIN F Window Regulator Replacement – Front Door (Power Regulator) removal and installation procedure

Removal Procedure 1. Lower the window to the full down position. 2. Remove the door trim panel . Refer to Trim Panel Replacement – Side Front Door ( See: Body and Frame\Doors, Hood and Trunk\Front Door Panel\Service and Repair\Front Door Panel Replacement\Trim Panel Replacement – Side Front Door ) . 3. Remove the radio speaker. Refer to Speaker Replacement – Front Door in Entertainment. 4. Remove the water deflector in order to access the window regulator. Refer to Water Deflector Replacement – Front Door ( See: Body and Frame\Doors, Hood and Trunk\Front Door Panel\Service and Repair\Front Door Panel Components\Water Deflector Replacement – Front Door ) . 5. Disengage the door glass to the regulator sash channel clips (2). Separate the door glass from the sash channel (1). 6. Push the window to the up position and tape in place. 7. Loosen the power window regulator bolts. Remove the rear regulator bolt. 8. Lift the window regulator, disengaging the loosened bolts from the door. 9. Disconnect the regulator electrical connector. 10. Remove the power window regulator from the door. Installation Procedure 1. Loosely install the four forward fasteners into the window regulator. 2. Position the power window regulator in the door. 3. Connect the door window regulator electrical connector. Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices. 4. Install the power window regulator bolts. Tighten the regulator bolts to 10 N.m (89 lb in). 5. Remove the tape from the window. Push the window down to the regulator sash channel. 6. Slide the glass sash clips (2) into the window regulator sash channel (1). 7. Install the water deflector. Refer to Water Deflector Replacement – Front Door ( See: Body and Frame\Doors, Hood and Trunk\Front Door Panel\Service and Repair\Front Door Panel Components\Water Deflector Replacement – Front Door ) . 8. Install the radio speaker. Refer to Speaker Replacement – Front Door in Entertainment. 9. Install the door trim panel . Refer to Trim Panel Replacement – Side Front Door ( See: Body and Frame\Doors, Hood and Trunk\Front Door Panel\Service and Repair\Front Door Panel Replacement\Trim Panel Replacement – Side Front Door


STEP 1: REMOVE CONTENTS FROM THE BOX Remove canister and top cover from the large box. Remove rails and Guide strips from the Rail box. Perform a quick inventory to insure all parts are there. (If any parts are missing call Pace Edwards Technical Support for replacement, INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 3 STEP 2: PLACE CANISTER Use a soft rag or some packing materials from the box to wedge between the fabric roll and handle to temporarily keep the fabric roll from winding into the canister. Remove the screw and metal clip holding the handle to the canister. Place the canister in the front of the truck bed, cab side forward against the truck sill, in the position required for unrolling. Center side to side. Do not attach the canister yet. CAUTION! CAUTION! PERMANENT DAMAGE MAY BE CAUSED IF THE HANDLE ASSEMBLY IS ALLOWED TO RETRACT INTO THE CANISTER WITHOUT PROTECTION ON THE UNDERSIDE OF THE FABRIC PANEL! STEP 3: INSTALL & FASTEN THE RAILS HARDWARE USED: INNER RAIL CLAMP BRACKET x 4 1/4″ FLAT WASHER x 4 1/4″-20 NUT X 4 Slide the four (4) Inner Rail Clamps (2 on each side) through the Tie Down Bars of the truck. Open the rail box along the length of the box; lift rails out to avoid scratching the rail surface on the package staples. The side rails are marked “left” and “right” (left is the driver’s side of the truck). With the tailgate closed, place the side rails in position on the truck bed with the Rail Clamp Brackets resting on the Inner Rail Clamps. Loosely assemble the Rail Clamp Brackets to the Inner Rail Clamps with the 1/4″ Washer, 1/4″ Lock Washer and 1/4-20 Nut on each side of the truck bed. Correct spacing to the tailgate should be 1/16″ to prevent the tailgate from striking the side rails when closing. Apply downward pressure while tightening the Rail Clamp to the Inner Rail Clamp, especially on the tailgate end. This will ensure a tight seal, fi rm seat, and good fi t on the truck bed.

2004 FORD F150 Door Window Glass-Rear SuperCrew REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION MANUAL

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION 3. Remove the parts in the order indicated in the Door Window Glass — Rear, following illustration and table. SuperCrew To remove individual parts, only carry out the listed steps: NOTE: LH side is shown. RH side is similar. Part Steps 1. Remove the rear door trim panel. For additional Rear door window glass 1-4 information, refer to Section 501-00. Rear door window glass 1-7 regulator 2. Remove the rear door-mounted speaker. For additional information, refer to Section 415-00. Rear door window glass 1, 8 top run ItemPart NumberDescription ItemPart NumberDescription 4 1625712/ Rear door window glass 1 1625766/ Interior moulding (RH/LH) 1625713 (RH/LH) 1625767 Removal Note 2 1627458/ Watershield (RH/LH) 5 180103-14632 Window motor electrical 1627459 Removal Note connector Installation Note 6 W505421-S301Window regulator bolts (5 3 — Rear door window req’d) glass-to-regulator bolt (2 req’d) 7 1627000/ Window regulator assembly Removal Note 1627001 (RH/LH) (Continued) (Continued) Copyright © 2003, Ford Motor Company Last updated: 6/14/2004 2004 F150, 12/2003 501-00-2 501-00-2 Body System — Exterior REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION (Continued) Item 4: Rear Door Window Glass Removal ItemPart NumberDescription Note 8 1625766/ Rear door window glass top 1. Pull the glass out through the top inboard side 1625767 run (RH/LH) Removal Note of the door. 9 1625596/ Exterior moulding (right side) Item 8: Rear Door Window Glass Top Run 1625597 (RH/LH) Removal Note 4. To install, reverse the removal procedure. 1. Remove the glass top run through the top opening of rear door. Item 2: Watershield Removal Note Item 2: Watershield Installation Note 1. Do not tear or damage the watershield during disassembly. 1. Watershield must be installed so that edges have a weatherproof seal. Item 3: Rear Door Window Glass-to-Regulator Bolts Removal Note NOTE: Some vehicles may use rivets to attach the glass to the regulator. 1. If removing only the rear door glass regulator assembly and motor, secure the rear door glass in the full up position with tape.

2003 HONDA CIVIC Door Panel Removal And Installation Manual

2003 CIVIC – Door Panel Removal/Installation Special Tools Required *KTC trim tool set SOJATP2014 *Trim pad remover, Snap-on A 177A or equivalent, commercially available 2-door NOTE: Use the appropriate tool from the KTC trim tool set to avoid damage when prying components. 1. If applicable, remove the regulator handle (A) by pulling the clip (B) out with a wire hook (C). 2. Remove the inner handle (A). Take care not to scratch the door panel. 3. Remove the switch panel (A) (power window model) or the pull pocket (B) (manual window model). -1 Pry out on the upper portion of the cover (B) to release the hooks (C, D), then remove the cover. -2 Remove the screws. -3 Pull the inner handle forward and out half-way to release the hook (E). -4 Disconnect the inner handle rod (F) and power door lock switch connector (G) (driver’s side for some models). – 1 Using a trim tool, pry the cap (C), then remove the screw (D) 4. Remove the screws (H) securing the door panel. 5. Remove the mirror mount cover. 6. Release the clips that hold the door panel (A) with a commercially available trim pad remover (B), then remove the door panel by pulling it upward. Remove the door panel with as little bending as possible to avoid creasing or breaking it. 7. Install the door panel in the reverse order of removal, and note these items: *Replace any damaged clips. *Make sure the connectors are plugged in properly, and the rod is connected properly. *Make sure the window and power door locks operate properly. *If applicable, install the regulator handle so it points forward and up at a 45 º angle with the glass fully closed

Ford Focus power window removal And installation Instructions

Removing the Door Panel Coverings 1. For ease of installation, do both sides at the same time. 2. Roll the windows to approximately 1/2 open, and so the crank handle is in the Down Position. With either the Crank Spring Removal Tool, or a flat Screwdriver, remove the spring, located in a slot on the back of the crank. 3. Remove the cover plate for the remote-control mirror, which is held in place by 3 spring clips. Remove by gently pulling the front corner of the cover out, and then slide the cover back. 4. Remove the door Pull-handle cover, by inserting a screwdriver into the access hole on the bottom of the handle, and using the screwdriver as a lever, pop off the handle cover. 5. Remove the button covering a retaining screw in the interior door latch backing plate. 6. Remove the 8 Torx™ retaining screws around the perimeter of the door panel, and the single Torx™ retaining screw in the interior door latch. 7. Remove the 2 hex bolts in the door handle. 8. Gently lift the panel upwards, to disengage the window weather-strip molding. 9. Remove the Door Latch Trim Panel, be sure to unplug the Power Lock Switch, and remember how the wire was run. 10. Remove the interior door latch, by gently pulling out on the front corner, which is held in by a plastic compression spring. 11. Remove the Foam Arm Rest bolster, by unclipping the 4 plastic compression clips and the clip fasteners.. 12. Remove the 4 Door Speaker screws, and disconnect the speaker. 13. Gently remove the closed cell Foam Cover from the doorframe, by pulling out, while cutting the rubber cement around the cover. Remove all but the front edge of the cover. This cover tears very easily, so use extreme care. B. Removing the Manual Window Regulator 1. Temporarily re-attach the crank handle, and roll the window so that clamps (6, 7) on window are accessible through the voids in the door frame. 2. Loosen the glass clamp nuts (or bolts). 3. Roll the window all the way up, and lock in place by inserting a screwdriver into the small access hole at the top of the doorframe. 4. Remove the 4 Hex bolts (1, 2, 3) Before removing the last bolt (4), take up the weight of the glass, and remove the last bolt. Gently let the glass rest on the screwdriver. 5. Remove the manual regulator and tracks. C. Installing the Electric Window Regulator 1. Align and install the Hex bolts (1, 2, 3, 4, and nut 5) 2. Loosen the glass clamp nuts (or bolts). 3. Gently let the glass rest in the Clamps. 4. Lightly tighten the glass clamp nuts (or bolts).