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rear ac line on 2005 trailblazer

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2005-2007 Ford Super-Duty diesel extra-cab and crew-cab long bed models Fits 2/4 wheel drive F-250 and F-350 trucks including dual-rear wheel models

Installation instructions: 1.) Raise and support vehicle. 2.) Lubricate all factory rubber hangers with penetrating oil. 3.) Loosen clamp attaching stock muffler to outlet of catalytic converter. 4.) With a helper, pull hanger rods from rubber hangers and pull stock muffler/tailpipe assembly off of catalytic converter. 5.) Remove muffler/tailpipe from vehicle. 6.) If you are installing this system onto rear of catalytic converter, place the included 3.5? clamp over smaller end of included adapter and install adapter onto converter outlet. If you are installing this aft-cat system with a Bassani down-pipe, the adapter is used between the down-pipe and cat- replacement pipe shown in the down-pipe instructions. 7.) Line up notch in adapter with index lug on outlet of converter and fully engage adapter. 8.) Place hole in clamp over index lug, which now appears in notch of adapter and tighten clamp 9.) Install 14.5? extension onto adapter, with a 4? clamp, if installing kit on a crew-cab truck. 10.) Place one supplied 4? clamp over expanded end of inlet pipe and install pipe directly onto adapter (extra-cabs) or onto end of extension (crew-cabs); insert hanger rods on pipe into corresponding rubber hangers on frame. 11.) Place one supplied 4? clamp over inlet of muffler and install muffler onto inlet pipe. 12.) Place one supplied 4? clamp over expanded end of tailpipe section “C” and install pipe onto outlet of muffler. Insert hanger rods into corresponding rubber hangers on frame. 13.) Place one supplied 4? clamp over expanded end of tailpipe section “D” and install pipe onto tailpipe section “C”. 14.) Place one supplied 4? clamp over expanded end of tailpipe section “E” and install pipe onto outlet of tailpipe section “D”. Insert hanger rod into corresponding rubber hanger on frame. 15.) Place remaining 4? clamp over tip inlet and install tip onto tailpipe section “E”. 16.) Align all components for best fit and tighten all clamps

1997-2005 Ford Expedition REAR AXLE NOISE REPAIR MANUAL

5L3Z-4209-F = (9.75-Inch Ring Gear/3.73 ratio) •205-506 – Seal Protectors (Rotunda Tool) (1997-2005 F-150, 1997-2005 •W710084-S439 – Wheel End Nuts Expedition/Navigator) •390266-S100 – Differential Slave Pin Bolt (9.75? axles) NOTE 9.75 REAR AXLE HOUSINGS WERE •387426-S100 – Differential Slave Pin Bolt (8.8? REDESIGNED IN MID-1999, INCREASING FRONT axles) PINION BEARING SIZE. REPLACING RING & •4B422 – Axle Circlips PINIONS IN AN OLD-STYLE AXLE ASSEMBLY •ZC-21 – Metal Surface Cleaner WILL REQUIRE INSTALLATION OF SPACER P/N •TA-29 – Ultra Silicone Sealant YL3Z-4662-CA. SPACER IS TO BE INSTALLED BETWEEN INNER PINION BEARING AND •TA-27 – Stud and Bearing Mount Retaining COLLAPSIBLE SPACER. Compound and Sealer •F3TZ-4121-AA – Fluid Tag (REQUIRED IF FLUID THE AXLE SERVICE KITS INCLUDE THE TYPE IS CHANGED FROM FEHP DURING FOLLOWING COMPONENTS: REPAIR) •4630 – Head Bearing WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under Provisions Of •4628 – Head Bearing Cup New Vehicle Limited •4676 – Pinion Seal Warranty Coverage •386989-S2 – Washer (Slinger) OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME •4621 – Tail Bearing 052303A 1997-2002 Expedition, 4.7 Hrs. 1998-2002 Navigator, •4616 – Tail Bearing Cup 1997-2004 F-150 Heritage, •4222 – Differential Bearing Cups 2004-2005 F-150: Rear •4221 – Differential Bearings Axle Noise Repair •4209 – Gear Set (includes pinion shims, pinion (Includes Time For Road nut and crush spacer) Test To Verify Concern (Beam Axle)) (Do Not Use •4209 – Instruction Sheet With 4205A Or 4205A4) NOTE 052303A 2003-2005 Expedition: 5.8 Hrs. THE KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING Rear Axle Noise Repair ITEMS. SOME OR ALL OF THESE ITEMS WILL (Includes Time For Road BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE AXLE Test To Verify Concern (Irs SERVICE, DEPENDING ON AXLE Axle)) (Do Not Use With APPLICATION/STYLE. 4010D Or 4010D4) 052303A 2003-2005 5.9 Hrs. ORDER AS NEEDED:


FORD: LINCOLN: 2002-2006 Explorer 2003-2005 Aviator 2003-2006 Expedition 2003-2006 Navigator MERCURY: 2002-2006 Mountaineer This article supersedes TSB 05-15-5 to update the 3. Do not use a damaged seal installation tool vehicle model years, Parts, and Service Procedure. exhibiting nicks, burrs, or sharp edges. NOTE ISSUE THE USE OF SEAL PROTECTOR 1L2W-4N206-AA Some 2003-2006 Expedition/Navigator, 2002-2006 IS NO LONGER REQUIRED. Explorer 4dr/Mountaineer, and 2003-2005 Aviator vehicles equipped with the 8.8? or 9.75? ring gear 4. Do not tap directly on the back of the seal and independent rear suspension (IRS), may exhibit installation tool, always tap on the handle, per leaks at the rear halfshaft axle seals. A new Instruction Sheet. Seal should be driven evenly unitized seal is now available for service. The new into housing bore with only enough force to seal design eliminates the need to use seal seat in the bore. protectors during installation. Removal of the excluder seal (1L2W-1N013-BA) if present is 5. Before installing the halfshaft, verify that the required. inboard excluder seal (1L2W-1N013-BA) is not present on the halfshaft. If the excluder seal is ACTION present, follow the kit Instruction Sheet and Order and install the new seal kit to correct the leak remove the excluder seal. condition. Review the updated instruction sheet NOTE included in the kit and obtain the required tools before beginning repair. OVERFILLING THE AXLE CAN INCREASE POTENTIAL FOR LEAKS. INSTALLATION SERVICE TIPS PART NUMBER PART NAME Refer to the appropriate Workshop Manual, Section 7L1Z-4A109-B Axle Shaft Seal Kit (9.75 Axle) 205-02 for half shaft removal and installation. 7L1Z-4A109-C Axle Shaft Seal Kit (8.8 Axle) NOTE IN THE WORKSHOP MANUAL UNDER THE HALF WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under Provisions Of SHAFT REMOVAL/INSTALLATION SECTION New Vehicle Limited THERE ARE ADDITIONAL PARTS CALLED OUT Warranty Coverage THAT ARE REQUIRED TO BE REPLACED. OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME THESE PARTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE 062205A 2003-2006 0.8 Hr. AXLE SHAFT SEAL KIT LISTED. Expedition/Navigator: Replace Rear Axle (Stub) 1. Use only the proper seal installation tool, Lisle Shaft Seal Includes Time Special Seal Installer (LIS 17850) available To Remove And Install through the Rotunda Technician Tool Program. Halfshaft One Side (Do Not Use With 4139A, 2. Ensure the seal installation tool is clean and 4139A2) free of debris prior to inserting into new seal.


This article supersedes TSB 07-5-7 to update the NOTE Parts. SETTING TIRE PRESSURE TO DOOR SPECIFICATION IS ONE OF THE SINGLE MOST ISSUE IMPORTANT MEASURES IN RESOLVING THIS Some 2005-2007 F-Super Duty vehicles may exhibit ISSUE. LOWERING TIRE PRESSURE WILL MAKE steering wheel oscillation (back and forth motion), THIS ISSUE WORSE. immediately following front or rear wheel impacts ROAD TEST (i.e. pavement joints, frost heaves, rough roads, etc.). Steering wheel motion is typically in the range 1. Ask customer what type of road surface and of ± 5 degrees, and typically dampens out in fewer speed generates the steering wheel oscillation. than five oscillations. This condition occurs mostly on F-250/F-350 4X4 vehicles, and is more evident 2. Road test vehicle on similar road surface and on trucks equipped with a gas engine. speed, to gain a feel for the customer’s issue. ACTION 3. If no issues are identified during the road test, do not proceed with the rest of this TSB. Refer to the following Service Procedure to minimize the steering wheel oscillations on impacts, STEERING DAMPER however, there may be some remaining minor INSPECTION/REPLACEMENT AND oscillation which would be considered normal. STEERING/SUSPENSION FASTENER TORQUE CHECK SERVICE PROCEDURE SUMMARY F-250/F-350 4X4 Applications: 1. Set tire pressure and road test vehicle to evaluate vehicle before proceeding with further 1. Remove existing steering damper and frame repairs. If issue is resolved, do not proceed attachment bracket. with the rest of this TSB. 2. Replace steering damper and frame mounting 2. If concern still exists, install a new steering bracket with steering damper and frame damper (frame-mounted bracket and steering bracket. damper assembly on F-250/F-350 4X4 applications only). For F-250/F-350 4X2 and all 3. Attach steering damper to frame bracket and F-450/F-550 applications, inspect damper for torque bolt to 76 lb-ft (103 N•m). leaks and replace if necessary, torque steering 4. Assemble bracket and shock assembly to the and suspension fasteners per Workshop frame with attachment bolt retainer pointing to Manual (WSM). rear of vehicle. Torque frame bracket nuts to 59 3. If concern still exists, check front alignment and lb-ft (80 N•m). reduce front caster. 5. Attach other end of shock to the steering drag 4. Replace redundant control steering wheel (if link and torque to 66 lb-ft (90 N•m). equipped and vehicle built prior to 10/8/2004). 6. Install damper bolt cap to assure a friendly VEHICLE INSPECTION – TIRE PRESSURE surface for the battery cable in case of casual contact. 1. Set tire pressures as indicated on the vehicle label (located on driver’s door label).


STEP 1: INSTALL BULKHEAD ADAPTER ( CONTINUED ) B. Lay Bulkhead Adapter Flange onto the bulkhead (Photo 3) and position the threaded blocks between the knockouts so the holes line up (Photo 4) . Use ¼ – 20 x 1″ counter-sunk screws to secure the Adapter Flange to the bulkhead. STEP 2: INSTALL HOUSING A. Place the Housing Assembly onto the bed rails (Photo 5) . Center it between the rails and leave about ½” of space between the bulkhead and the back of the Housing. Do not fasten the Housing in place. B. Lift the Lid on the Housing and lean it against the cab (Photo 6) . Place a rag between the Lid and cab to prevent scratches. STEP 3: INSTALL TRACKS A. Making sure to leave the Pull Strap connected to the threaded Shipping Stud, rotate the Lock Lever to the 10 o’clock position (Photo 7) . B. Loosely assemble six Track Clamp assem- blies (Photo 8) . Remove the End Caps from the bed rail “C” channels and slide three Track Clamp assemblies into each channel (Photo 9) . Note that the Clamps are labeled “front” , “middle” , and “rear” and must be located accordingly (Photo 10) . Leave the Clamps loose. D. Key the Tracks onto the Housing Stems (Diagram 11), being sure that the Handle is properly engaged into the Tracks and carefully lay the Tracks onto the bed rail (Photo 12) so that the fi n on the underside of each Track seats into the slot in the Clamps (Diagram 13) . E. Use 10 – 24 x ½” truss head screws and Cargo Nuts to secure the Tracks to the Housing Stems (Photo 14) . F. Slide the Clamp assemblies into position so they line up with the double hole patterns located at each end and center of the Track. G. Use 10 – 24 x ½” truss head screws to secure the Clamps to the Tracks (Photo 15) and double check to be sure that Tracks are properly nested into the Clamps. Do not tighten Clamps in place yet and go to step four