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retainer clip for shift cable in 1988 lincoln mark vii

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Installation of this body lift kit without proper knowledge of the factory recommended procedures might affect the performance of these components and the safety of your vehicle. It is strongly recommended that a certified mechanic who is familiar with the installation of similar components install this body lift kit. 2. Park the vehicle on a clean, dry, flat, level surface. Block the tires so the vehicle cannot roll in either direction. 3. Disconnect both battery cables. Be sure to disconnect the negative cable first, then the positive cable. 4. Before you begin lifting the vehicle, you need to measure and record the bumper to vehicle gaps and also the distance between the cab and the bed. These dimensions will allow you to retain the factory spacing at these locations. WARNING This body lift kit should only be installed on vehicles that are in good working condition. Before the installation begins, the vehicle should be thoroughly inspected for evidence of corrosion or deformation of the sheet metal around the factory body mounts. This body lift kit should not be installed on any vehicle that is suspected to have been in a collision, or misused. Off road use of your vehicle with this body lift installed may increase the stress applied to the factory body mounts. It is not recommended that any vehicle, with a body lift installed, be involved in any extreme off road maneuvers. Failure to follow this warning may result in serious personal injury and/or serious damage to your vehicle. 5. Remove the center shifter console, shift boot, and plate. Remove the doorsill plates and the kick panels. Carefully lift the carpet to expose the cab-mounting bolts. Loosen but do not remove all cab mounting bolts. 6. Carefully mark the splines on the steering shaft in the engine compartment at the steering box and steering column so that the shaft can be reinstalled in the original orientation. Remove the shaft from the vehicle. 7. Release the parking-brake- cable clip from the firewall. 8. Remove the parking brake cable from the frame clip 1 next to the battery. 9. Release the clutch line from the clip on the lower portion of the firewall. Loosen the clutch line from the clip on the firewall located behind the carburetor. Reroute the clutch line underneath the heater hose closest to the passenger side of the vehicle. 10. If the vehicle is equipped with power steering, loosen the clamp just behind the grill that holds the serpentine cooling line and push the line toward the firewall. Loosen both brackets that hold the cooler. Adjust the hoses that are attached to get more hose clearance. 11. Relocate the engine ground strap from the firewall to the lower throttle cable bolt on the firewall. 12. Automatic transmission only. Remove the transmission linkage between the steering column and the transmission. Disconnect the transfer case shifter from the “C” shaped linkage. 13. Remove the oxygen sensor wire from the clip underneath the cab and make sure there is enough slack to allow for the lift 14. Remove the front bumper and lower valance. 15. Remove the two bolts that mount the fan shroud to the radiator. Pull the fan shroud up out of the clips on the bottom of the radiator. Lay the fan shroud over the fan away from the radiator. WARNING Use extreme caution when working with the engine cooling system. Never remove the radiator cap from a hot radiator. Wait until the engine and radiator has cooled and the pressure in the system has dissipated. Use care not to spill any antifreeze/coolant while draining system. Immediately clean up any spilled fluids. Antifreeze can be harmful to the environment. Take care to store the drained antifreeze/coolant in a place away from children and animals. Antifreeze/coolant can be fatal if swallowed.

1996 Ford Taurus Transmission and Drivetrain Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Removal and installation Manual

REMOVAL NOTE: The oil pump and valve body are removed as an assembly. 1. Disconnect battery ground cable, then remove battery, battery tray, and remote air cleaner. 2. Position supply hoses, vacuum hoses, and wiring away from pump and valve body cover. 3. Remove shift lever. 4. On models equipped with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) , remove splash shield cover, then disconnect brake reservoir hose and cap to prevent contamination. 5. On all models, remove EGR bracket attaching bolts, then install lifting eye. 6. Remove throttle body bracket attaching bolt, install lifting eye, then using suitable equipment support engine. 7. Remove lefthand transaxle mount. 8. Remove transaxle side pan upper attaching bolts. 9. Raise and support vehicle. 10. Remove lefthand front wheel and tire assembly. 11. Remove inner fender cover and position aside, then disconnect ride height sensor. 12. Remove rear transaxle mount attaching bolt. 13. Loosen but do not remove two lefthand subframe attaching bolts. 14. Remove two engine support mount attaching bolts. 15. Remove four lefthand engine support attaching bolts, then remove the engine support. 16. Position suitable drain pan, then remove remaining transaxle side pan attaching bolts and remove pan. 17. Using suitable screwdriver, place manual shift shaft in Park position. 18. Disconnect upper bulkhead electrical connector wiring retainer clip from valve body. 19. Disconnect electrical connectors 20. Remove valve body attaching bolts, then disengage linkage and remove valve body. NOTE: Do not remove oil pump cover attaching bolts. INSTALLATION 1. Install new pump and valve body to chain cover gasket. 2. Slide pump and valve body onto pump shaft. 3. Rotate pump and valve body assembly toward dash panel, then engage manual valve link with manual valve. 4. Slightly rotate pump and valve body assembly to engage oil pump shaft splines with oil pump rotor splines. Valve body should slide flush with chain cover. A suitable 7/8 inch deep well socket on crankshaft pulley may be required for complete engagement. 5. On models less anti-skid, if engagement is not as indicated in step 4, proceed as follows: a. Remove manual valve from valve body. b. Rotate assembly to allow full engagement, up to 360° . c. After full engagement, return assembly to installed position, then install manual valve. Zoom Sized for Print Oil Pump And Valve Body Bolt Tightening Sequence

2002 Chrysler 300M Special Floor Shift Service and Repair Manual

Vehicle Level Transmission and Drivetrain Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Shift Linkage Shift Cable Service and Repair Floor Shift Automatic Transmission GEAR SHIFT CABLE – FLOOR / REMOVAL 1. Using suitable size allen wrench, remove the shift handle retaining screw (Fig. 251). 2. Remove shift handle from shifter assy. 3. Remove console bezel from vehicle 5. Remove retaining clip from shift cable conduit bracket (Fig. 253). 6. Disconnect shifter cable from cable attach stud (pin) (Fig. 253). 7. Remove cable from center console routing. Leave flat on floor for ease of removal. 8. Raise hood. Remove gearshift cable from throttle/gearshift cable bracket (Fig. 254) 9. Unseat cable grommet at firewall and remove cable from interior of vehicle (Fig. 255). 10. Raise vehicle on hoist and disconnect fill tube bracket from transaxle. Rotate fill tube to gain access to shift cable clamp. 11. Remove cable from routing bracket (Fig. 256) 12. Remove cable-to-transaxle nut and slide cable off of stud (Fig. 255). 13. Disconnect shifter cable from shift lever assembly at transaxle (Fig. 255). 14. Remove cable from underneath vehicle. INSTALLATION 1. Make sure transaxle shift lever is in “Park.” This is the most rearward position. Verify park sprag is fully engaged by rotating either a tire or an axle shaft . 2. Position cable in vehicle and connect cable end to the transaxle shift lever (Fig. 255). 3. Verify that the washer (Fig. 255) is still in place on the cable mounting stud. Install cable to transaxle and tighten nut to 28 Nm (250 inch lbs.). 4. Rotate fill tube to original location. Install and tighten fill tube bracket bolt. 5. Install cable “push pin” into bracket as shown in (Fig. 254)

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Shifter A/T Service and Repair Shift Control Replacement

Removal Procedure 1. Remove the horseshoe clip (1) from front of shift control knob, and remove knob. 2. Remove the Console Trim Plate. 3. Remove the console wiring harness. 4. Remove the console shift control wiring harness. 5. Remove the automatic transaxle range selector cable. 6. Remove the park/lock cable. 7. Remove the console shift control nuts. 8. Remove the console shift control. Installation Procedure 1. Install the console shift control. Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions. 2. Install the console shift control nuts. ^Tighten the console shift control nuts to 24 Nm (18 ft. lbs.) . 3. install the park/lock cable. 4. Install the automatic transaxle range selector cable. 5. Install the console shift control wiring harness. 6. Install the console wiring harness. 7. Install the Console Trim Plate. 8. Adjust the transaxle range selector cable.

2000 Ford Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis Evaporator Core Housing Removal And Installation Manual

Evaporator Core Housing Removal 1. Disconnect the battery ground cable. For additional information, refer to Section 414-01 . 2. Recover the refrigerant. For additional information, refer to Section 412-00 . 3. Drain the radiator so that the coolant level is below the heater core. For additional information, refer to Section 303-03 . 4. Raise the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section 100-02 . 5. Remove the RH front wheel and tire. 6. Remove the screws from the RH fender apron and remove the fender apron. 7. Remove the nuts. 8. Lower the vehicle. 9. Remove the blower motor switch resistor. For additional information, refer to Section 412-04 . 10. Disconnect the connector. 11. Disconnect the evaporator to compressor suction line from the suction accumulator drier. For spring lock couplings disconnect and connect general procedure. For additional information, refer to Section 412-00 12. Disconnect the condenser to evaporator tube from the A/C evaporator core inlet tube. For spring lock couplings disconnect and connect general procedure. For additional information, refer to Section 412-00 13. Remove the nuts and position the purge valve and backet away from the evaporator core housing. 14. Remove the heater hoses from the heater core. 15. Disengage the connectors fom the bracket. 16. Disconnect the connector. 17. Remove the nut and reposition the wire harness away from the evaporator housing. 8 18. Disengage the harness from the bracket. 19. Remove the pin-type retainer and clip and remove the instrument panel lower insulator. 20. Fold back the carpet and remove the screw. 21. Inside the vehicle, remove the screw. 22. Remove the nuts(engine side).