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saab 9 5 axle removal

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1991 Saab 9000 L4-2290cc 2.3L DOHC Turbo EFI Axle Shaft Removal And Installation Manual

Service and Repair Notes Removal Important: Thorough cleanliness must be observed during all work on drive shafts and drive shaft joints, to prevent dirt and dust getting into the joints. Before starting work, always clean the wheel arch, MacPherson strut and other areas around the drive shaft and joints. 1Unfasten the hub centre-nut. 2Lift the car and remove the wheel. 3Remove the hub centre-nut. Push the axle stub back approx. 2 cm (if it pushed further back it can damage the tripod). Use puller 87 91 287 and puller arms 87 91 303 together with tool 87 91 154, puller bracket, the belongs to tool collection for manual gear boxes. 4Remove the steering-swivel member from the MacPherson strut and unfasten the flexible hose from the hose mounting and, if appropriate, also unfasten the ABS sensor and cable. Important: Scrupulously clean the rubber gaiter and the universal joint driver. 5Remove the clamp securing the rubber gaiter on the inner universal joint driver. Pull the universal joint apart and fit the protective cover on the rubber gaiter and universal joint driver. 6Pull out the drive shaft from the hub. Fitting 1Remove existing grease out of the universal joint driver and carefully clean the interior. 2 Pack the universal joint driver with grease, 60 g Mobile K 575 GS. Observe great cleanliness. Motor / ALLDATA Online – 1991 Saab 9000 L4-2290cc 2.3L DOHC T…… 3 of 4 3/26/2008 12:03 AM Zoom Sized for Print


REMOVAL & INSTALLATION FWD AXLE SHAFT Removal (Axle Shaft) 1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheel assembly. Remove wheel bearing lock nut. Remove brake caliper, and support aside. Remove brake rotor. 2. Disconnect tie rod end. Remove upper knuckle nut, and separate knuckle assembly from third link assembly. Push axle shaft through hub, and separate axle assembly from knuckle assembly. 3. Insert screwdriver blade between transaxle case and right axle inner CV joint. Pry out on joint until joint pops free. Use care not to damage axle boot or axle seal. 4. On M/T vehicles, remove left axle in same manner. On A/T vehicles, insert screwdriver through differential, and drive axle out of transaxle case using a hammer. See Fig. 2 . PROBLEM Possible Cause/Action GREASE LEAKING Ripped CV Boot Replace Boot CLICKING NOISE WHILE CORNERING Dry/Worn CV Joints Replace Outer CV Joints CLUNK ON ACCELERATION Dry/Worn CV Joints Replace Inner CV Joints Worn Transmission Gears/Bearings Inspect Transmission VIBRATION/SHUDDER ON ACCELERATION Dry/Worn CV Joints Replace CV Joints Alignment Out Check Alignment Incorrect Spring Height Check Spring Height SQUEALING OR HUMMING Dry/Worn CV Joints Lube/Replace CV Joints Faulty Wheel Bearing Replace Wheel Bearing NOTE: DO NOT allow brake caliper to hang from brake hose. CAUTION: Use care not to damage pinion mate shaft or side gear while driving out axle. 1991 Infiniti G20 AXLE SHAFTS – FRONT’ ’1991-92 DRIVE AXLES FWD Axle Shafts None Page 2
Fig. 2: Removing Left Drive Axle (A/T Vehicles) Courtesy of NISSAN MOTOR CO., U.S.A. Removal (Outer CV Joint) 1. Remove and discard boot bands. Slide boot off joint housing. Thread wheel bearing lock nut onto joint. Using a slide hammer and bearing puller, remove joint from axle shaft. See Fig. 3 . NOTE: Outer joint cannot be disassembled. Remove and inspect joint and replace if damaged or worn. 1991 Infiniti G20 AXLE SHAFTS – FRONT’ ’1991-92 DRIVE AXLES FWD Axle Shafts None Page 3 2. Remove circlip from end of axle, and remove boot. If boot is being reused, take care not to cut boot on axle splines during removal. Clean CV joint in suitable solvent. Inspect components, and replace joint if necessary.


HARDWARE AND PARTS LIST TOOLS REQUIRED FOR REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION 1. 15mm Combo Wrench 2. 9/16″ Combo wrench 3. 9/16″ Socket 3/8″ Drive 4. 3/8″ Drive Ratchet 5. 7/16″ Combo Wrench 6. Tube Cutter/ or other metal cutting tool Pry bar Hardware List (1) 3″ Muffler Clamp (2) 3/8″ X 16 X 2½” Hex Bolts (2) 3/8″ X 16 Flange Nuts (2) 3/8″ Flat Washers (1) Anti-Seize Tube (1) 3″ Stainless Band Clamp Parts List (1) 3″ Inlet Tube (1) 5″ X 10″ X 24″ Muffler with 3″ Single Inlet and 3″ Single Outlet (1) 3″ Over Axle Tail Pipe 4″ Truck Tip (polished) REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Removal 1. Raise vehicle using a hoist or floor jack and jack stands. 2. Locate the 2-bolt flange, which connects the y-pipe to stock cat-back. Remove the 2 nuts with a 15mm wrench. 3. Proceed to remove 3 rubber hangers. NOTE: Some type of lube will make your job easier. 4. It may be necessary to cut the stock system to aid in removal. NOTE: Lowering spare tire may aid in removing stock exhaust. Installation 1. Start by locating the inlet tube from your kit with the 2-bolt flange. Slide the inlet tube into place and attach rubber hanger at forward most position and secure the 2-bolt flange using stock hardware. 2. Slide muffler into inlet tube and secure with the provided 3″ muffler clamp. Do not fully fasten; final adjustments will be made later. 3. Once the muffler is attached install over axle tailpipe, 2 rubber factory Hangers to tailpipe and secure tailpipe to muffler using the two 3/8″ X 16 X 2½” hex bolts, two 3/8″ washers and two 3/8″ X 16 flange nuts. Final adjustments can be made and system can be fully tightened. 4. Slide the supplied 4″ polished tip over tailpipe and secure with 3″ stainless band clamp.

1994 Nissan Maxima SE FWD Axle Shafts Removal And Installation Manual

FWD AXLE SHAFT Removal 1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel. Remove wheel bearing lock nut from end of drive axle. Remove disc brake caliper and suspend out of way. DO NOT allow caliper to hang by hydraulic hose. 2. Separate tie rod end from steering knuckle. Remove axle shaft from steering knuckle hub using a soft mallet. On models with ball and cage type right axle shaft, remove support bearing retainer-to-block bolts. See Fig. 4 . 3. On all models, pry right axle shaft from transaxle using screwdriver. See Fig. 1 . On M/T models, pry left axle shaft from transaxle using screwdriver. On A/T models, insert screwdriver through right axle shaft hole in differential, and drive out left axle shaft. See Fig. 2 1. Place axle shaft in soft-jawed vise with inner joint facing up. Remove boot clamps. See Fig. 4 . Mark slide joint housing and inner race in relation to axle shaft for reassembly reference. 2. Remove and discard snap ring “A”. See Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 . Remove slide joint housing. Remove snap ring “C”. Remove cage, inner race and balls as an assembly. Remove snap ring “B”. Cover axle shaft splines with tape. Remove boot. 3. To disassemble support bearing and retainer assembly on right axle shaft, remove dust shield and snap ring “D”. See Fig. 4 . Press axle shaft out of support bearing and retainer assembly. Remove snap ring and dust shield from retainer. Using bearing driver and hammer, drive support bearing out of retainer.

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 7 1/8″, 7 1/3″, 7 9/16″, 7 4/5″, 8 1/4″, 8 1/2″ & 8 9/10″ Ring Gears Removal And Installation Manual

Removal (Model 194, 8 1/4″ & 1998 Grand Cherokee 216 Axles) 1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheel(s). If equipped with drum brakes, remove brake drum. If equipped with disc brakes, remove brake caliper and rotor. On all models, clean axle housing cover. Loosen cover bolts, and drain oil. Remove cover. 2. Remove differential pinion-shaft lock bolt. Remove pinion shaft from differential. Push in axle. Remove “C” clip from axle at pinion gear. Remove axle from tube. Remove axle shaft seal and bearing from axle tube. Installation 1. Grease bearing, and install into axle tube. Ensure bearing part number is facing outwards. Apply wheel bearing grease to axle shaft seal. Install seal in axle tube. Install axle shaft. 2. Install axle “C” clip. Pull axle out to seat “C” clip. Install pinion shaft. Install lock bolt, and tighten to specification. Apply RTV to axle housing cover. Tighten cover bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS table. Fill with gear oil. Removal (Model 198, 1999 Grand Cherokee 216 & 226 Axles) 1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheel(s). Remove brake drum. Remove nuts securing axle retainer plate to axle tube, and discard. Using slide hammer and Adapter (6790), remove axle shaft from axle tube. 2. Using a 3/8″ drill bit, drill a shallow hole into bearing retaining ring on axle. DO NOT drill into axle. Using a cold chisel, cut bearing retaining ring across drilled hole, and remove from axle shaft. Using a press and Bearing Remover (1130), remove bearing from axle shaft. Remove seal and retainer plate from axle shaft. Installation 1. Ensure axle shaft retaining plate is flat and not warped. Install retaining plate on axle shaft. Apply wheel bearing grease to axle shaft seal. Install seal on axle shaft. Grease bearing, and install on axle shaft with outer surface groove facing seal. 2. Using press and Bearing Installer (7913), press bearing onto axle shaft. Press NEW bearing retainer ring onto axle shaft. Install axle shaft in axle tube. Tighten NEW axle retainer plate nuts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS table. PINION SEAL & YOKE Removal