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throttle body sensor location 2005 kia sportage

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2005 Chevrolet Colorado Pickup SES Light Due to DTCs P0105, P0106, and/ or P0506 – Clean Throttle Body

Models: 2004-2007 Buick Rainier 2002-2007 Chevrolet TrailBlazer 2004-2007 Chevrolet Colorado 2002-2007 GMC Envoy 2004-2007 GMC Canyon 2002-2004 Oldsmobile Bravada 2006-2007 HUMMER H3 2005-2007 Saab 9-7X with any of the following engines: 2.8L (VIN 8 – RPO LK5) 2.9L (VIN 9 – RPO LLV) 3.5L (VIN 6 – RPO L52) 3.7L (VIN E – RPO LLR) 4.2L (VIN S – RPO LL8) The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI. Condition/Concern: On rare occasions, a SES light may be experienced due to DTCs P0105, P0106, and/or P0506. There may or may not be an idle complaint accompanying the SES light. This may be due to excessive carbon build up in the throttle body. Recommendation/Instructions: If the SI diagnostics do not isolate a cause for this concern, clean the throttle body bore and plate for evaluation.

Kia Sorento/ Sedona Throttle Position Sensor W/ 3.5L Engine (Fuel System) Service Procedure

Replacement Procedure: 1. Turn ignition OFF. Remove engine cover and disconnect electrical connector from TP Sensor. 2. Remove two (2) retaining screws from TP Sensor and remove from throttle body. 3. Install new TP Sensor to throttle body. Install retaining screws and hand tighten lightly. Adjustment will be required. Re-install electrical connector to TP Sensor. 4. Install Global Diagnostic System. a. Select “System Option” b. Select “Idle RPM Adjust Mode” c. Apply Parking Brake 5. Select Neutral position and place engine in idle condition with A/C OFF. 6. Remove rubber plug and adjust using instructions provided on screen. Set Base idle between 800~900 rpm Adjust TPS: 7. Using the GDS scan tool, monitor current data using two (2) parameters: • Closed Throttle Position Switch • Throttle Position Voltage Value 8. Open throttle by hand very slowly until idle switch status switches to OFF. Note the TPS voltage value. Voltage:____________________________ 9. Close throttle and record the TPS voltage. oltage:____________________________ Closed throttle voltage should be 30~65mV less than the voltage noted in step eight (8). Adjust TP Sensor and repeat test as required. WARRANTY CLAIM INFORMATION: 10. Tighten TP Sensor screws as required. Torque is 12~18 inch lbs. Verify switching of throttle switch with throttle plate movement. 11. Install engine cover. 12. Clear any stored DTC which may have set during service procedure. Remove GDS tool from vehicle

2005-2006 Toyota Tundra/ Sequoia 4.7L V8 MR Tech Power-flow Intake system Installation Manual

The installation of this cold air intake does require mechanical skills. Removal of engine covers, air lines and removing several plastic plugs and screws that may be difficult. It is recommended that this system be installed by a professional mechanic. Be sure to disconnect the negative terminal before proceeding. Congratulations! You have just purchased the worlds first tuned intake system. MR Technology, Leading the way! Patent pending (A) and (G) (B) (D) (A) Power-Box contents: POWER-FLOW: An air intake evolution Tools required: 1- 8mm socket 1- 10mm socket 1- 12mm socket 1- Phillips screw driver 1- 8mm nut driver 1- 55mm allen wrench 1- Disc grinder or Dremel (C) (E) Figure 1 Figure 2 Carefully, remove the mass air flow sensor from the air sensor housing to be reused later in the instruc- tions. Unhook three spring clamps from the top air box cleaner. Once the hooks have been removed, continue to detach the air box top from the lower air box cleaner. See fig. 15 for better illustration. Once the nut and bolt have been removed, continue to remove the entire hose clamp. Unplug the electrical harness clip from the mass air flow sensor as shown above. Disconnect the 4mm vacuum line located to the side of the air box cleaner. Unscrew the nut and bolt the hose clamp that secures the hose over the radiator. Loosen the two flange nuts on the engine cover in order to remove the cover. Disconnec the 6mm vacuum hose that will be reused later in the instructions. Page 2 of Part# PF2019 Unscrew the two screws from the mass air flow sensor, shown above. Loosen the hose clamp on the air duct connected to the throttle body. Unplug the crank case breather hose from the air crank case port as shown above. >>> >>>> Figure 3 Figure 8 Figure 7 Figure 6 Figure 11 Figure 10 Figure 9 Figure 14 Figure 13 Figure 12 >>>> Figure 4 Figure 5 Once the flange nuts have been removed, continue to remove the cover from the engine compartment as shown above. >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> The three spring clamps shown above are unhooked from the top air box cleaner (A). Remove the air filter panel once the top has been removed (B). Once the air filter panel is removed, there are three bolts that will be removed in order to detach the lower air box cleaner. Remove the entire lower air box cleaner from the engine compartment. Place the power bands over each end of the silicone elbow. press the short end of the silicone elbow over the throttle body. Once the silicone elbow has been aligned continue to semi-tighten power band over the throttle body end. The first vibra-mount is aligned to the pre-tapped hole located behind the head lamp. The first vibra-mount is now installed as shown above. Screw the second vibra-mount is aligned over the wheel well bracket. The second vibra-mount is now installed as shown above. The stock 6mm hose is removed from the fuel pressure regulator. Press the new 16″- 4mm vacuum hose over the fuel pressure regulator port. Page 3 of Part# PF2019 Figure 15 Figure 17 Figure 16 Figure 20 Figure 19 Figure 18 Figure 23 Figure 26 Figure 25 Figure 22 Figure 21 Figure 24 (B) (A) (A) (A) >>> >>> >>> >>> Both vibra-mounts are now installed, you are now ready to go on to the next step. Place one .462 and a .412 power band over the silicone step hose. Press the 3 3/4″ side over the velocity stack as shown above. The Power box is now sitting flush over the vibra- mounts and a fender washer is placed over each vibra-mount. The last m6 flange nut is placed over the vibra- mount located behind the Power box. The 65mm bolt is tightened with an allen wrench. The assembled power box is lowered into the engine compartment. Align the mounting points on the bracket arms over the vibra-mounts. One 45mm bolt is removed from the top of the box. The bracket is place under the Power box and the 45mm bolt is aligned and screwed back in place as shown above. Remove the 65mm bolt from the velocity stack base. Align the bracket to the hole and insert the 65mm bolt back in place

2005-2007 Toyota Tacoma L4-2.7L Intake Kit Installation Instructions

Complete kit. Verify all components are present prior to beginning installation. Step 1 Remove the three 12mm bolts securing the lower air box. Remove the bolt securing the windshield washer reservoir. Remove the lower air box. Step 6 Place the “L” bracket on the valve cover. Secure with the factory bolt. Secure the VSV with the supplied hardware. Step 11 Complete stock intake. Step 2 Disconnect the breather hose and the vacuum hose connected to the intake resonator. Loosen the clamp on the throttle body. DONOTREMOVEINTAKE RESONATOR AT THIS TIME. Step 7 Remove the three bolts that secure the intake resonator to the valve cover. Loosen the intake hose clamps. Step 3 Remove the VSV located on the back side of the intake resonator. Remove intake resonator. Step 8 Remove the intake hose. Step 4 Transfer the MAF sensor to the new intake tube with nylon spacers, screws, and gasket provided. Step 9 Disconnect the MAF sensor and remove the upper air box and air filter. Step 5 Install 3/4″ trim seal to housing. Secure the housing to the engine compartment with M8 screws and washers provided. Step 10 Tools Required 5/16″ nut driver or slotted screwdriver 10mm socket or wrench 12mm socket or wrench 13mm socket or wrench Ratchet and extension Part List: 1 Air filter (replacement # 24-90023) Pro Dry STM 21-90023 1 Intake Tube 1 Housing 1 Coupler, Straight 3″ x 3″ 1 Coupler, Hump 4″ x 3″ 2 Clamp #064 2 Clamp #048 2 Screw, MAF Sensor Mnt. 1 5/32″ Vent Hose x 8.5″ 1 “L” Bracket 2 Clamps, #008 1 5/8″ Vent Hose x 8″ 1 Fitting, Plastic 2 Screws, Hex M6 x 1 x 12 2 Nuts, M6 2 Washer, Wavy M6 1 Grommet 1 Gasket, MAF Sensor 3 Screws, Hex M8 3 Washers, Flat 1/4 2 Spacers, Nylon 1 Brass, Nipple 1 3/4″ Seal Trim x 21″ P.O. Box 1719 Corona, CA 92879 Support: 951-493-7100 Place couplers and clamps on tube and install. Install grommet and plastic fitting into tube. Now install into vehicle. Install small 5/32″ hose to vacuum line and brass fitting supplied. Install crank case hose with mini clamps provided and tighten to tube. Tighten all clamps. Reconnect the MAF sensor harness. Install air filter into housing and tighten using 5/16″ nut driver. The installation is now complete. Check all clamps and connection. Periodically check all clamps and hoses. Thank you for choosing aFe

Toyota Throttle Body Spacer Installation Instructions

1. Remove Air Intake Assembly and intake box from throttle body. 2. Remove throttle linkage bracket. 3. Remove the vacuum line clip and on some models the linkage bracket. 4. Remove the nuts and studs from the throttle body. 5. Install the JET Power-Flo spacer using one gasket between the throttle body and spacer and one gasket between the spacer and the manifold with the supplied longer bolts and lock washers. 6. Install the throttle linkage extender plate and reinstall the throttle linkage bracket. On the models referenced above that have a second throttle linkage bracket, use the other extender and attach the vacuum line clip to the bottom of the extension plate. 7. Verify that the throttle linkage, cruise control and kick down cables are NOT binding and that the travel on the linkage is correct before you start the vehicle. NOTE: In some instances it may be necessary to readjust the cables for proper travel. Refer to your factory service manual for correct adjustment procedures. 8. Reinstall the Air Intake Assembly.