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Toyota Corolla Repair Manual 2003-2005

repair and service manual covers Toyota Corolla, all US and Canadian models, 2003-2005. (Note: this manual does NOT include information specific to XRS models).

Table of Contents

Introduction: About this manual | Introduction | Vehicle identification numbers | Maintenance techniques, tools and working facilities | Buying parts | Jacking and towing | Booster battery (jump) starting | Conversion factors | Automotive chemicals and lubricants | Safety first! | Troubleshooting

2009-10 Toyota Corolla Bolt Torque Installation Instructions

Toyota Corolla Installation Instructions BX3781 4 4 4. Just forward of the front tire underneath, using a 10MM socket, remove the two metric bolts (white arrows). Using a fl at screw driver, remove the push pin (gray arrow). Do this on both sides and set aside for later reinstallation. 5. Behind the fascia on the bottom of the bumper, are two push pins to remove from the fascia’s tabs. Remove with a fl at screw driver. Pull the fascia forward on both sides and set aside for later reinstallation. ‘ ‘ 7 7 7. Using a 14MM socket, remove the two bolts on each side of the bumper and take the bumper off. Set aside for later reinstallation. ‘ ‘ 5 5 ‘ ‘ 6. Remove the styrofoam. On the driver’s side only, using a fl at screw driver release the tabs from the top of the bumper and tie the wire loom up in the open area during baseplate installation. Remove the black shield on both sides. It will not be reinstalled. 8 8 ‘ ‘ 11. Slide the baseplate up between the frame rails, align with the existing hole on each side and clamp. 11 11 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 10. Move the bracket out of the way by sliding it up. Measure 7″ up. Reroute the wire up and reattach the bracket so that the bottom of it is 7″ up. 9 9 ‘ ‘ + 9. On the driver’s side pull the wiring out of the existing hole. Drill a hole in the frame rail under but connected with the existing hole using the 1 1/4″ hole saw on both sides. This hole will allow the installer to insert the nut plates inside of the frame rail. 10 A 10A

Toyota Corolla Upgrading a car radio

step 1: Preparing the wiring harness Get a wiring harness or adapter that will allow the car radio wiring to plug into the back of the new radio. These can be found at Walmart for $4.99. Make sure that the plug is compatible with your car (check the list on the back of the box). Have shown the back of the new radio – the black set of pins is where the included black plug will go to. The free wires on the black plug provided with the new audio system will be connected to an adapter that will plug into the car wiring. For the Toyota Corolla 1995 wagon, the wiring diagram is as shown below. Your car may differ substantially from this step 2: Connecting the wires Connect the wires from the plug that came with the new radio to the wiring harness adapter that you purchased separately. Twist the correct wires together and then solder them (or use wire nuts if you dot have soldering equipment). Cover the exposed wire with electricians tape or heat seal tape. Attached is another table on how you connect your Toyota wiring adapter to the radio plug. Please, do remember that your radio and car will differ a bit step 3: Removing the old radio Remove the factory installed radio (the instructions apply only for Corollas from 95-98). Remove the two screws below the panel. Have shown a picture with the location of these screws. Remove the control knobs for the AC and the fan, etc. These come off pretty easily with a gentle pull. Use a thin blade (metal spatula) to probe approximately 2/3rd of the way up and try to pry the sides out. The metal blade will disengage the clip on each side. Took a bit of gentle effort but it did pop out. The location of these clips is just below the vents. Lift the panel up, reach under it to carefully remove the plugs on the right hand side that connect the defroster, the clock and the hazard flasher. The plugs can be removed by squeezing a release tab on the plug and then gently pulling them apart. Remove the radio – two pairs of screws on each side of the radio hold it in place. Remove these (and hold onto them because you will need them later on) and then slide the radio out.

1999 Toyota Corolla Radio Replacement

The radio is secured to the frame of the vehicles dash with screws located behind the plastic dash panel surrounding the radio. This plastic dash panel unsnaps from the body of the vehicles dash. STEP 2 : The bottom of the plastic dash panel, just below the bottom of the radio, can be lifted up. Look up from the below the radio and you will notice rectangular openings or insertion points where a flat tool can be inserted to pry out the bottom of the plastic dash panel. With a flat head screwdriver or other flat object, pry out the bottom of the plastic dash panel STEP 3 : Once the bottom edge of the plastic dash panel has been pulled out, the sides of the plastic dash panel will begin to separate from the body of the vehicles dash. You will now be able to put your fingers into the openings on the sides of the plastic dash panel. Gently pull the plastic dash panel until it unsnaps from the body of the vehicles dash. Remove Factory Radio Move to: Wire New Radio Section Wiring The New Radio Move to: Mounting New Radio Section The Install Doctor STRONGLY recommends purchasing a ‘DIN’ radio for this vehicle. ‘DIN’ radios are a direct replacement for the Toyota radio in this vehicle. More information is available in the Mounting New Radio section. Mounting The Radio Options STEP 4 : Once all the clips on the plastic dash panel have been unsnapped, the dash can be pulled out. The top of the plastic dash panel will have wires attached to the clock, hazard and defrost switches. You do NOT need to unplug the connectors plugged into them. Move the plastic dash panel up and set it on top of the body of the dash. STEP 5 : The radio is held in with four (4) phillips screws / 8 mm bolts . Remove the screw/bolts. Pull the radio forward. Unplug the antenna cable, and 2 white connectors from the rear of the radio


INSTALLATION 1. INSTALL FRONT AXLE HUB BEARING 2. INSTALL FRONT DISC BRAKE DUST COVER (a) Install the disc brake dust cover to the steering knuckle with the 3 bolts. Torque: 8.3 N·m (85 kgf·cm, 73 in·lbf) 3. INSTALL FRONT AXLE HUB SUB-ASSEMBLY 4. INSTALL FRONT AXLE HUB HOLE SNAP RING Last Modified: 4-24-2008 5.1 A From: 200712 Model Year: 2009 Model: Corolla Doc ID: RM000001IWX00ZX Title: AXLE AND DIFFERENTIAL: FRONT AXLE HUB: INSTALLATION (2009 Corolla) (a) Using SST and a press, install a new front axle hub bearing to the steering knuckle. SST: 09950-60020 09951-00720 SST: 09950-70010 09951-07100 (a) Using SST and a press, install the front axle hub sub-assembly. SST: 09608-32010 SST: 09950-60010 09951-00600 SST: 09950-70010 09951-07100 5. INSTALL FRONT LOWER BALL JOINT 6. INSTALL FRONT AXLE ASSEMBLY 7. INSTALL FRONT LOWER SUSPENSION ARM 8. INSTALL TIE ROD END SUB-ASSEMBLY 9. INSTALL FRONT DISC 10. INSTALL FRONT DISC BRAKE CALIPER ASSEMBLY 11. TEMPORARILY INSTALL FRONT AXLE HUB NUT (a) Using snap ring pliers, install a new front axle hub hole snap ring. (a) Align the matchmarks and install the front drive shaft assembly to the front axle hub sub-assembly. (b) Install the front axle assembly to the front shock absorber with the 2 bolts and the 2 nuts. Torque: 240 N·m (2448 kgf·cm, 176 ft·lbf) Be careful not to damage the drive shaft boot or speed sensor rotor. Page 2of 4