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toyota dyna 150 power steering box

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Toyota F-100 Ford Truck Power Steering Conversion Kit Installation Instructions

Instructions: 1. Remove the stock steering box and column. Be sure to clear the area of all wiring, brake lines and fuel lines. 2. Bolt the Toyota box to the mounting bracket so that the long arm of the bracket points in the same direction as the steering column input shaft (small shaft.) To mount the bracket and box correctly, the longer end should be towards the rear of the vehicle. It may be necessary to grind on the power steering box where the two flanges protrude above the bracket. For technical help call Classic Performance Products Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm at (714) 522-2000. Rev. 8/17/2009 3. Locate the box/bracket assembly into the frame by centering the Toyota sector shaft through the original hole in the frame. This hole will need to be elongated approximately 3/8″ to allow the sector shaft to clear the frame. Bolt the bracket directly into the mounting holes for the original steering box. 4. With the first bolt in, check the fit by reattaching the steering box. Make sure the splined shaft goes through the frame without interference. Torque down the mounting bolts to 45 lbs. 5. Attach the pitman arm to the steering box. Before this is done the steering sector must be centered. Turn the input shaft clockwise as far as it can go. Make a reference mark. Now turn the shaft counter clockwise as far it can go and be sure to count the turns. Turn the shaft back half the distance and now the box is centered. Be sure to double and triple check this procedure. Attach the pitman arm to the output shaft with the output shaft nut. Torque the bolt down to 110ft/lbs. Reconnect the stock drag link and you are on your way


EXTERIOR Dyna 300 350 Laminated UV Filter glass   Front Bumper – Colour Keyed   Door handles – black   Wide angle door mirrors – black   Headlamp levelling adjustment   Cab forward engine access   COMFORT Dyna 300 350 Air conditioning ï ï Air recirculation function   Front power windows   Intermittent windscreen wipers   Power assisted steering   Tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel   Slide and recline adjustable drivers seat   Cloth trimmed seats (Driver plus two seat bench)   Front room lamp  

TOYOTA POWER STEERING AND RAM Hose installation diagram

POWERSTE ERING FLUID: Howe Power Steer ing Fluid PN 1105 (GMMr. Good wrench® PN: 89020661maybesubstituted if needed) CAUTION: DONOTUSEATF (AU TOM ATICT RANSMISS ION FLUID) NOTE: Hose length swill vary with each ins tallation, customhosesmustbefabricated. Hose KitP/N 950 available separately

2004 – 2006 Toyota Sienna Vehicles Equipped w/ Power Back Door (Power Rear Liftgate) Repair Manual

Certain 2004 – 2006 Model Year Sienna vehicles equipped w/Power Back Door (Rear Liftgate) Q1: What is the condition? A1: Toyota has determined that the gas struts used to help lift and support the Power Rear Liftgate in certain 2004 through 2006 model year Sienna vehicles could be wearing out sooner than expected. As the gas struts deteriorate, the performance of the Power Rear Liftgate will begin to degrade, and the Power Rear Liftgate will operate more slowly than when the gas struts were new. Only Sienna vehicles equipped with the Power Rear Liftgate are involved. Q2: Are there any warnings that this condition exists? A2: Owners may notice that the Power Rear Liftgate will not remain in the open position. If not repaired, the gas struts may not be able to support the weight of the liftgate when it is open, and eventually, the gas struts could deteriorate to the point that the liftgate will fall about ten inches after it reaches the fully open position, at which point the power motor will engage and power the liftgate to the fully closed position. This condition may cause injury to a person who is struck by the liftgate when it falls or when it is closing. Q3: When were these vehicles produced, and how many vehicles are involved? A3: Only certain 2004 through 2006 model year Sienna vehicles equipped with the Power Rear Liftgate, produced between January 2003 and December, 2006 are involved. Approximately 196,000 vehicles are involved nationwide.

2004 Toyota Sienna POWER SLIDING DOOR INOPERATIVE Repair Manual

Remove Slide Door Window Garnish. A. Fully open the slide door window. B. Remove the glass run. C. Using a screwdriver, disengage the clip and remove the garnish. HINT: Tape the screwdriver tip before use. D. Using the taped screwdriver, disengage the 2 claws and remove the inner weatherstrip from the garnish. Parts Information Repair Procedure Clip POWER SLIDING DOOR INOPERATIVE – EL004-04 April 19, 2004 Page 3 of 7 2. Remove Side Trim Board Cover Rear. A. Remove the 2 screws. B. Using the taped screwdriver, disengage the 8 claws and remove the cover together with the window control switch. C. Remove the 2 screws and window control switch. 3. Remove Rear Door Trim Board Sub-assembly. A. Remove the screw. B. Using the taped screwdriver, disengage the 9 clips and remove the trim board. HINT: In order to prevent the door panel from being damaged, cover the areas with protective tape as indicated by the arrows in the illustration. 4. Remove Rail End Molding. A. Open the quarter glass. B. Using the taped screwdriver, disengage the clip and 2 claws, and remove the rail end molding. Repair Procedure (Continued) : Claw 1 2 3 4 5 5 4 3 2 1 Protective Tape Protective Tape : Clip : Clip : Claw POWER SLIDING DOOR INOPERATIVE – EL004-04 April 19, 2004 Page 4 of 7 5. Remove Center Bracket No. 2. A. Remove the 2 bolts and Center Bracket No. 2 together with the tensioner (color: white). B. Remove the tensioner from Center Bracket No. 2. 6. Remove Center Bracket No. 1. A. Remove the 2 bolts and Center Bracket No. 1 together with the tensioner (color: black). B. Remove the tensioner from Center Bracket No. 1. 7. Remove Slide Door Window Assembly LH. A. With Sunshade: Remove the sun shade hook. B. Remove the bolt and window frame. C. Remove the bolt. D. Loosen the nut. E. Push the rear lower window frame in the direction indicated by the arrow in the illustration