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wiring diagram lift chair lazy boy

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1992 Toyota Cressida Wiring Diagram

tem Wire ColorPolarity Wire Location 12V white – white/red Positive (+) steering column Starter black/white Positive (+) steering column Starter 2 none Ignition black/yellow Positive (+) steering column 2nd Ignition black/red Positive (+) steering column 3rd Ignition none Accessory blue/red Positive (+) steering column Accessory 2 none Tachometer black/yellow check conn(ig-) Power Door (Lock) Wiring Diagram for [ Negative (-) ] Door Lock green/red Negative (-) pass kick or theft ecu Power Door (Unlock) Wiring Diagram for [ Negative (-) ] Door Unlock green/whiteNegative (-) pass kick or theft ecu Door Trigger red/white Negative (-) theft ecu[1] Dome Supervision Wiring Diagram for [ none ] Dome none none none Headlights red/yellow Negative (-) steering column Parklight Positive green Positive (+) dimmer controll or dkp Parklight Negative green/whiteNegative (-) steering column Wipers blue/black Positive (+) steering column Left Front Window (Up/Down) grn/wht – red/blu in drivers door Right Front Window (Up/Down) pnk/blk – pnk in drivers door or dkp Left Rear Window (Up/Down) red – red-yel A in drivers door or dkp Right Rear Window (Up/Down) grn/blk – red/blk A in drivers door or dkp Trunk/Hatch Pin red/white Negative (-) at light, or theft ecu Hood Pin tied with doors Trunk/Hatch Release Wiring Diagram for [] Trunk/Hatch none Factory Alarm (Arm) arms with lock Factory Alarm (Disarm) disarms with unlock Horn white/red Negative (-) st.column or theft ecu Brake green/black Positive (+) brake switch Door Motor (Lock) none none none Door Motor (Unlock) none none none

REV / SPEED METER Vehicle Specific Wiring Diagram Installation

Installation Precautions ?Do not use electro taps in the installation of this product. Electro taps can become loose over time causing the unit to malfunction. This can also lead to vehicle and product damage. Be sure to use wire crimpers and the included splices for a secure connection. ?Be sure that the harness is not exposed to metal. Always wrap all connections with electrical tape. ?How to use the Fittings Strip 5mm from wire Insert sleeve over wire Bend back exposed wire Place male fitting over This ECU terminal arrangement diagram is viewed from the direction of the arrow. The direction of the ECU varies depending upon the vehicle. Perform the installation work after confirming the connector shape and the number of pins. ?If any abnormal noise or abnormal smell is sensed during the installation work of this product stop the work immediately and contact the distributor or your nearest A*PEX business office Continuing the installation under such conditions may cause an electric shock or fire causing damage to electric devices.

2005-2008 Ford SuperDuty 4×4 Lift and Level Kit Installation manual

1. Lift truck on two post lift and remove tires 2. Support the differential with a pair of screw jacks or with a transmission jack 3. Disconnect the front shocks and the sway bar links 4. Lower the front differential down, allowing the top of the spring to come loose. Be careful not to strain the ABS wiring or brake lines. 5. Remove the rubber isolator and install it over the snout on the steel leveling kit 6. Place the steel leveling kit on the spring and lift the differential back into position 7. If purchased, install the shock extensions or longer shocks 8. Reconnect the shocks and sway bar links 9. Reinstall tires and set the toe. The other alignment angles should be within spec, but you may wish to double check them


1. Read all warnings and instructions completely and carefully before you begin. Check the kit for proper contents (refer to the part’s list and the picture diagrams). NOTE: This kit is designed to fit Tacoma models only, 95 1/2 -97 models equipped with air conditions will require modification to the low pressure A/C line at the firewall. It will need to be bent or in some cases the line may need to be lengthened. The vehicle will need to be taken to a certified A/C service technician to have the system evacuated. The line can then be lengthened between four and five inches. It is crucial that the procedure is done properly to avoid damage to the A/C system. If at anytime during the installation you encounter something different from what is outlined in the instructions, call technical support. (928) 636-7080. . 2. Park the vehicle on a clean, dry, flat, level surface. Block the tires so the vehicle cannot roll in either direction. WARNING The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS, or air bag) must be deactivated during lift kit installation to avoid accidental air bag deployment while working near SRS sensors and wiring. Do not allow anyone near the air bag during lift kit installation. Accidental deployment can result in serious personal injury or death. Refer to your factory service manual/owner’s manual for the recommended procedure to disable the SRS. The SRS must be reactivated before driving the vehicle. 3. Disconnect both battery cables. Be sure to disconnect the negative cable first, then the positive cable. Remove the airbag fuse from the fuse box. 4. Remove the wire loom that runs from under the alternator to the battery from the mounting brackets. One bracket is on top of the frame. The other bracket is on the fender well. The plastic mounting-collar will slide off the bracket by pushing on the tab on the collar. 5. Remove the fuse that controls the air bag system from the fuse box (refer to the owners manual for the exact location). 6. Remove the ground wire that runs from the back of the engine to the top of the firewall. Remove the wire loom from the mounting bracket on the firewall. Remove the bracket from the firewall. Turn the bracket upside down. Insert the mounting bolt through the ground wire removed from the firewall, Then through the bracket. Tighten securely. Reinstall the bolt that mounted the ground wire to the firewall. Tighten the bolt securely. Do not attach the wire loom at this time. 7. Gently pull out the plastic clips that mount the front fender well skirts to the frame. NOTE: Be very careful with the plastic clips. They will break easily. 8. 4 wheel drive models only. Remove the front axle vent hose from the mounting bracket on the driver’s side fender well. The hose should remain in the frame bracket. 9. Remove the vacuum hose from the bracket that holds it to the drivers side fenderwell. This should allow enough slack to not damage the hose during lifting. 10. Remove the front bumper. Remove the light bulbs and wires from the light housings on each side of the bumper. There are two holes in the fender wells to access the outside bumper mounting bolts. Remove the nuts that mount the outside of the bumper to the body. Remove the bolts that mount the bumper to each side of the frame. Remove the bumper from the vehicle. 11. Remove the grill assembly. Remove the turn signal housing from the body. Disconnect the wiring attached to the housing. The grill is mounted to plastic tabs that have a lever in the middle. This lever is locked into place when the grill is mounted. To remove the grill, unlock the tabs and slide the grill off. Be sure that all of the mounting tabs are released before attempting to remove the grill

Toyota Corolla Upgrading a car radio

step 1: Preparing the wiring harness Get a wiring harness or adapter that will allow the car radio wiring to plug into the back of the new radio. These can be found at Walmart for $4.99. Make sure that the plug is compatible with your car (check the list on the back of the box). Have shown the back of the new radio – the black set of pins is where the included black plug will go to. The free wires on the black plug provided with the new audio system will be connected to an adapter that will plug into the car wiring. For the Toyota Corolla 1995 wagon, the wiring diagram is as shown below. Your car may differ substantially from this step 2: Connecting the wires Connect the wires from the plug that came with the new radio to the wiring harness adapter that you purchased separately. Twist the correct wires together and then solder them (or use wire nuts if you dot have soldering equipment). Cover the exposed wire with electricians tape or heat seal tape. Attached is another table on how you connect your Toyota wiring adapter to the radio plug. Please, do remember that your radio and car will differ a bit step 3: Removing the old radio Remove the factory installed radio (the instructions apply only for Corollas from 95-98). Remove the two screws below the panel. Have shown a picture with the location of these screws. Remove the control knobs for the AC and the fan, etc. These come off pretty easily with a gentle pull. Use a thin blade (metal spatula) to probe approximately 2/3rd of the way up and try to pry the sides out. The metal blade will disengage the clip on each side. Took a bit of gentle effort but it did pop out. The location of these clips is just below the vents. Lift the panel up, reach under it to carefully remove the plugs on the right hand side that connect the defroster, the clock and the hazard flasher. The plugs can be removed by squeezing a release tab on the plug and then gently pulling them apart. Remove the radio – two pairs of screws on each side of the radio hold it in place. Remove these (and hold onto them because you will need them later on) and then slide the radio out.