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1995-2002 Toyota Tacoma/ 4Runner 3.4L hrottle Body Spacer Installation Instructions

DISCONNECT NEGATIVE (-) BATTERY CABLE. 2. Remove throttle body air intake assembly. 3. Remove throttle linkage bracket and save 10mm bolt. (Ref. “D”) 4. Remove vacuum line clip, and also linkage bracket used on some models. Save the 8mm bolt for models having a linkage bracket. (Ref. “E”) 5. Remove nuts and studs from the throttle body. (Ref. “C”) 6. Install the power plate using (2) gaskets, (4) 8mm bolts, and (4) 8mm lock washers. (Ref. “A”, “B”, “C”) A. Install one gasket between the throttle body and power plate. B. Install second gasket between the power plate and manifold. 7. Install throttle linkage plate using a 10mm x 20mm bolt and reinstall the throttle linkage bracket using saved 10mm bolt. (Ref. “D”) 8. Install extension plate using 8mm flat head screw and reinstall linkage bracket used on some models with saved 8mm bolt. Attach vacuum line clip to bottom side of extension plate using furnished 8mm bolt. (Ref. “E”) 9. Inspect & Test throttle linkage for full open & closed travel before driving. Some cruise or kickdown cables may require adjustment. Please refer to your vehicles service manual for proper adjusting. 10. Reinstall air intake system using Step 2 as an example. 11. Reconnect battery cable. Enjoy!

1998 Dodge Truck Caravan Replace Radiator Fan Relay

1. With the ignition key in the OFF position, disconnect the battery. 2. Remove the two (2) screws that attach the air inlet resonator to the upper radiator support. 3. Disconnect the upper and lower air inlet hoses from the resonator and remove the resonator. 4. Remove the air cleaner housing. 5. Locate the radiator cooling fan relay on the left front inner frame rail just behind the radiator (Figure 1). 6. Disconnect the radiator fan relay wiring connector. 7. Remove the radiator fan relay. Discard the relay and the attaching screws. 8. Install the new radiator fan relay using the supplied screws. Tighten the screws to 35 in-lbs (4 N.m). CAUTION: Do not over torque screws. To ensure heat transfer and proper operation, the new radiator fan relay must be installed using both of the provided screws. 9. Connect the radiator fan relay electrical connector. Slide the red latch to the locked position. 10. Install the air cleaner housing. 11. Install the resonator assembly and connect the upper and lower air inlet hoses. 12. Install the resonator to upper radiator support screws. Tighten the screws securely. 13. Connect the negative battery cable.


1. Lower or raise the front door glass so that the distance from the top of the front door glass at the rear end to the upper part of the front molding is 185 mm {7.3 in} 2. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 3. Remove the front door trim 4. Disassemble in the order indicated below. 1. Inner handle 2. Front door trim bracket 3. Door screen 4. Front door glass 5. Front manual window regulator 6. Front power window regulator 7. Glass run channel 8. Front door lock 9. Outer handle 10. Door key cylinder 11. Door weatherstrip 12. Door lower weatherstrip 5. Assemble in the reverse order of disassembly Front Door Glass Disassembly Note 1. Remove the front door glass installation bolts. 2. Slant the front door glass as shown, and remove the front door glass from the inside of the front door. Outer Handle Assembly Note 1. Connect the door key cylinder harness of outer handle as shown


HEADLIGHT REMOVAL/INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the front combination light. 3. Remove the front bumper. 4. Remove in the order indicated below. 1. Connector 2. Bolt 3. Bracket 4. Headlight 5. Install in the reverse order of removal. 6. Adjust the headlight aiming

2000 Saturn SL2 L4-1.9L DOHC VIN 7 Body/ Electrical Service Manual

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. 2. Remove lock cylinder bezel from steering column shroud by carefully prying with a thin bladed screwdriver. 3. Remove shroud fasteners and remove steering column upper and lower shroud panels. 4. Insert key into ignition lock cylinder and rotate to RUN position If ignition lock cylinder can be rotated to RUN position, continue to step 30. ^If ignition lock cylinder cannot be rotated to RUN position, continue with next step. 5. Using a light hammer and brass drift, tap lightly on the top side of the ignition housing assembly at the location indicated in the illustration, while trying to turn the ignition key. ^If the ignition key turns, proceed to step 30. ^If the ignition key does not turn replace the ignition module/passlock sensor by continuing with next step. 6. Disable SIR system. Refer to “Disabling Frontal Inflators” procedure in the 2000/2001 S-Series Body Electrical Volume II Service Manual